Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

"Never Needed More: U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue"
On 3-4 May 2012 the United States and China convene their 2012 “Strategic and Economic” Dialogue. As the two powers and governments meet in Beijing for two days of intensive discussions and negotiations over a wide range of complicated issues, much uncertainty surrounds the relationship.
"Mutual Cooperation on the Iranian Nuclear Issue"
On April 14 Iran returned to the negotiating table to address its nuclear issue with the members of the Six Nations talks.  Since revealing its clandestine nuclear development program in the early 2000s, the Iranian nuclear issue has become a perennial problem for the international community. It is true that […]
"Dealing with North Korea’s New Leader Kim Jong-un"
A number of events that have occurred in North Korea (DPRK) within the past few months have captured the world’s attention. The sudden death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il introduced some guesswork about who would succeed him in Pyongyang and how it would affect the nation’s foreign policy. But […]