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China’s Delay in Approving U.S. Biotech Corn Disrupts International Trade

Colin Carter, Professor, University of California

While China’s refusal of genetically modified corn crops from the United States has gained attention in recent months, Colin A. Carter explains that as China moves from a major corn exporter to importer, it will require more sources of the crop and ultimately approve more biotech corn products.

Chinese New Year: The World’s Largest Human Migration


Chinese New Year: The World’s Largest Human Migration

Lasting 40 days and putting American holidays to shame, travel during this year’s Chinese New Year celebration is expected to top 3.6 billion trips or segments and will be the world’s largest human migration. It is essential to understand and respect this part of Chinese culture in the Year of the Horse.

Making Sense of China’s Growth Model

Zhang Jun, Professor, Fudan University

Over the last two decades, a consensus about China’s growth model has emerged, with observers arguing that a shift to an intensive, efficiency-driven growth is essential. But empirical research reveals a critical flaw in this assessment – namely, that annual efficiency gains in China far exceed those of the US.

China Comes to the Caribbean

Fernando Menéndez, Principal, Cordoba Group Int'l LLC

Is China engaging in a modern day version of dollar diplomacy? As Fernando Menéndez explains, China’s use of political and economic influence mirrors the previous intervention of the United States in Central America and the Caribbean.

Crushing Ivory and Crushing Poaching


The international community has praised China’s recent destruction of confiscated ivory as an important step towards reducing poaching in Africa. Robert Rotberg writes that China’s actions can spur further international cooperation and become a leader in anti-poaching initiatives.

Steady Economic Growth is the New Normal

Liu Shijin, Deputy Director of Development Research Center, China's State Council

Liu Shijin outlines three policy targets that will be conducive to steady growth in China’s economy, which can then rapidly shift to a more stable rate.

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