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How Far Will China’s Financial Reform Go in 2014?

Yi Xianrong, researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

How Far Will China’s Financial Reform Go in 2014?

The success of the Third Plenum’s recently announced economic reforms rely heavily on the outcome of China’s financial sector reforms. Important topics to monitor, writes Yi Xianrong, include interest rate liberalization, stock market regulation, changes to the exchange rate regime, and the risk that these reforms entail.

US-China Challenges Beyond 2015

Dan Steinbock, Director, India China and America Institute

In the United States, proposed budget deals may ensure stability in the short-term. In China, the ongoing economic reforms could foster sustained growth in the medium-term. In both cases, new challenges await after 2015.

What Does China’s New Reform Mean to the US?

Qian Liwei, Researcher at China Institutes of Contemporary Int'l Relations

What Does China's New Reform Mean to the US?

Following the whirlwind tour of high-level interactions between the United States and China, Qian Liwei examines the synergistic relationship between the two countries and lays out steps for a future built on cooperation.

Hints on Fed’s Future Policy: Tiptoeing Around Tapering

Yu Xiang, Research Fellow, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

When Janet Yellen was nominated to the position of Federal Reserve Chair, investors and policy analysts cheered the nomination of the first female head, and paid great attention to the future of quantitative easing, writes Yu Xiang.

Investing in America: Is China Losing Confidence in the United States Economy?

Colin Moreshead, a freelance writer living and working in Tokyo

October’s shutdown of the US federal government elicited responses from Chinese leaders and businesses alike. These responses all seemed to send the same message – the US must get its house in order or China will not be investing in the United States much longer.

Chinese Reform, U.S. Stasis

Stephen Roach, senior fellow, Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, Yale University

Changes suggested by the Third Plenum could be useful for America’s ailing economy.

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