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China’s Wake-Up Call from Washington

Stephen Roach, a faculty member at Yale University

With 90 days left to bridge the ideological and partisan divide before another crisis erupts, the fuse on America’s debt bomb is getting shorter and shorter. As a dysfunctional US government peers into the abyss, China – America’s largest foreign creditor – has much at stake.

Shanghai’s Careful Steps Forward

Hu Shuli, editor-in-chief of Caixin Media

The launch of the Shanghai free trade zone portends much greater growth in the restructuring of China’s financial system as a whole, writes Hu Shuli, editor-in-chief of Caixin Media.

The Emerging US-EU-Asia Trade Triangle

Dan Steinbock, Research Director, India China and America Institute

After two decades of on-and-off talks, Washington and Brussels hope to conclude their trade and investment partnership. However, it is not a marriage, but a triangle drama. Emerging Asia is the third party.

Double Implications of President Xi’s Southeast Asia Tour

Qian Liwei, Researcher at China Institutes of Contemporary Int'l Relations

In his trip to Southeast Asia and participation at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, President Xi Jinping focused on strengthening bilateral ties and regional cooperation. Qian Liwei discusses the prospect of China’s economy and its growing role in Asian-Pacific reflected in the president’s keynote address at the APEC summit.

Chinese Investments in South America

Walker Rowe, Publisher at Southern Pacific Review

The on-going recession in Europe and the United States led China to avert their eyes towards new places for investment. Walker Rowe discusses the growing Chinese investments in Chile and other South American regions and explains why Latin America is the promising market for Chinese investors.

Is Sino-African Trade Unsustainable?

Robert I. Rotberg, Fulbright Research Professor at the Paterson School of International Affairs

With trade between China and Africa worth nearly $166 billion last year, it is no wonder investments from and exports to China are at an all time high. However, as South African President Jacob Zuma subtly noted last month in Beijing at the tri-annual China-Africa Forum, Africa desperately needs a transfer of technology from China too.

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