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Coming Out of the Shadows: Why China Needs a Lehman Moment

Minxin Pei, Professor, Claremont McKenna College

The turmoil surrounding China’s shadow banking system is easily understood as more than $1 trillion worth of debt is set to mature in the system before May. However, as Minxin Pei points out, China’s new leadership must turn shadow banking’s impending crisis into a strategic opportunity and face short-term pain to prevent the triggering of a domino-style collapse.

It’s Official: China Is Becoming a New Innovation Powerhouse

David Wertime, Professional Speaker

The world’s factory is turning into an R&D machine — and fast catching up with America. Beijing is urgently looking for ways of designing its own products rather than manufacturing someone else’s. Put another way, it wants to shift from making iPhones to inventing them.

The String of Pearls and the Maritime Silk Road

Zhou Bo, Honorary Fellow, PLA Academy of Military Science

To debunk the “String of Pearls” theory, Zhou Bo writes that China has only two purposes in the Indian Ocean: economic gains and the security of Sea lines of Communication.

China’s Risky Credit Boom

Andrew Sheng & Xiao Geng, from Fung Global Institute

Credit in China is growing at a breakneck pace, raising serious concerns about the level of risk in the financial system. The government now must determine how to balance the economy’s liquidity needs with protecting the system’s solvency.

China Yet to Be a Strong Trade Nation

Yu Xiang, Research Fellow, CICIR

While China is virtually certain to be the world’s biggest trade nation, Yu Xiang points out four key reasons why the country is yet to be the strongest trade nation and urges for the expansion of the US-China trade relationship.

Public vs. Private: How China Prefers to Invest in the US

Alex Coblin, researcher, American Enterprise Institute

Public vs. Private: How China Prefers to Invest in the US

As news that the United States has become the largest recipient of Chinese investment spreads, many Americans are nervous and wonder where that money is going. Interestingly, the U.S. draws a significant amount of private investment from China, which is distinctly different from the country’s investment patterns in the rest of the world.

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