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While many believe that the China-US relationship is passing through a rocky period and has dropped to a low point, Wu Jianmin suggests that the foundation of the relationship remains strong.

China, US agree to respect core interests

Responding to a recent opinion editorial in The Washington Post, Stephen Harner writes that now is the time for U.S. leaders to join with disruptors of history, like Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, to proactively promote change in U.S.-China relations.

How have different foreign policy approaches changed U.S. relations with Russia and China? As Zheng Yu explains, these differing policies and perspectives have become clearer as a result of the Ukraine Crisis and U.S.-led sanctions against Russia.

Only by getting to know China in an entirely new light, can the US formulate a sensible China policy and produce a win-win situation for both China and the US in the South China Sea, writes Wu Zurong.

Are electoral politics and the upcoming midterm elections distracting the Obama administration from its foreign policy priorities? Zhang Zhixin examines the political polarization impeding the U.S. Congress and questions the ability of the Obama administration to continue its rebalance to the Asia-Pacific in such a conflicted environment.

China’s rising power and capabilities make PRC actions in the South China Sea more consequential and unsettling than those of others, so they deserve particular attention but need to be evaluated in the broader context of the motives and actions of others as well.

Was the recent U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Washington’s response to China’s growing role on the African continent? David H. Shinn, former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia and Burkina Faso, explores this summit and its similarities to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.

While China’s entry into Latin America continues to gain international attention, a push by Japan to increase its influence in the region is receiving far less coverage. As Eric Farnsworth explains, Japan has maintained long-term interests in the region that it is only now seeking to strengthen.

As the rivalry between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific continues, Taiwan will play an ever-increasing role in the Obama administration’s rebalance or pivot to the region. Robert Sutter explains recent congressional interest in Taiwan and lays out three reasons why existing U.S. policies will continue.

Responding to statements made by President Barack Obama in an interview with The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, Shen Dingli examines China’s contributions to the world order the United States has established and provides two reasons why China would be hesitant to act proactively in the international system.

After being snubbed by the Obama administration and excluded from the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe traveled to China in search of much needed financial support to help restore the Zimbabwe’s crumbling infrastructure.

Can cooperation on big data technology help improve Sino-U.S. relations? Yu Xiang examines this emerging sector and describes how cooperation on this issue could reduce tensions in other areas, like cyber-espionage.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to New Delhi, where he will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, holds great significance for Sino-Indian relations. While tensions have been high in recent years, the progress that Modi has made since his election in May offers hope for greater stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

Promoting mutual understanding should be the goal in order to build a healthy relationship among countries. This is especially true for China and the US in their efforts to build a new model of a major power relationship, writes Chen Jimin.

While the United States continues to try and resolve disputes in the South China Sea to protect the security of established sea routes and ports, China finds the situation to be stable. Dismissing any alleged tensions, China claims that it and ASEAN do not need U.S. interference to help rectify the so-called dispute.

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