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Tipping Point for China and Taiwan

Greg Austin, a Professorial Fellow at the EastWest Institute

Much of 20th Century history unfolded in the shadow of events in Europe in August 1914, when major powers in Europe launched one of the most savage wars the world had seen. August 2014 is looking very different. writes Greg Austin.

Beijing Braces for Afghanistan 2014

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute

During the past dozen years, China’s economic and strategic interests in Afghanistan have grown considerably. Following U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, Richard Weitz discusses the potential for cooperation between Beijing and Washington in the region.

APEC at 25: China-US Cooperation is Key to the Future

Wu Zhenglong, research fellow, China Foundation for International Studies

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, which will be held in China. While there is much to celebrate at this juncture, Wu Zhenglong points out that further cooperation between the US and China is key to APEC’s future success and the economic stability of member countries.

Japan’s Abrasive Conduct toward China and South Korea Causes Headaches for Washington

Ted Galen Carpenter, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

Observers in both East Asia and the United States have become increasingly worried about the growing tensions between China and Japan. However, the tendency to place all of the blame on Beijing may be mis-guided.

Join Hands For A Peaceful Middle East

Wu Sike, Chinese special envoy to the Middle East

In 2014, China and the US should cooperate on promoting security and stability in the Middle East, writes Wu Sike.

Japan’s Obama Problem

Brahma Chellaney, a professor at the Center for Policy Research

When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine last month, Chinese leaders, predictably, condemned his decision to honor those behind “the war of aggression against China.” But Abe was also sending a message to Japan’s main ally and defender, the US.

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