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Greater Cooperation & Consultation: Defining A US Pivot That Goes Beyond Defense and Diplomacy

Curtis Chin, former US ambassador to the Asian Development Bank

President Obama’s trip to Asia is an important event in the administration’s “pivot” or “rebalancing” to Asia. While the pivot may be difficult, all sectors of American and Asian society will be integral in developing the bond that will make this rebalancing successful.

Hagel’s Visit to China and Sino-Russian Relations

Franz-Stefan Gady, Senior Fellow at the EastWest Institute

U.S. Secretary Hagel’s China visit and President Obama’s trip to Asia illustrate the almost impossible balancing act of American Foreign Policy in the region of assuring the United States’ Asian allies that America will stand by them in a future conflict with China, while simultaneously mollifying Chinese fears of U.S. containment and precluding a deepening of Sino-Russian ties.

Hagel’s Visit Highlights Greater Chinese Military Transparency

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute

China has always valued military secrecy, however Richard Weitz explains that in recent years China has advanced in terms of transparency and the importance of clear communication between China and the U.S.

Are China and the United States Competing for Influence in the Western Hemisphere?

Eric Farnsworth, VP, Council of the Americas and Americas Society

US and China are engaging Latin America in different ways. While the US is attempting to rebuild relationships that have been strained recently, China has engaged in economic activities with countries in the region. Although China has invested heavily and is influential in the region, it has not led to increased tensions or competition between China and the US.

Top Priority for Obama’s Asian Trip

Wu Zurong, researcher at China Foundation for International Studies

Top Priority for Obama’s Asian Trip

Wu Zurong urges President Obama to encourage Japan to refrain from its path of reviving militarism and instead to seek solutions through peaceful negotiations.

Toward A Multipolar Pattern: Challenges In A Transitional Stage

Cui Liru, former President, CICIR

A major trend accompanying the multi-polarization of the international political economy is the eastward shift of the world’s economic and political gravity center, from the two sides of the Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific, writes Cui Liru.

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