Foreign Policy

Many US scholars see confrontation as the key to preserving the global dominance of the US, even to the point of seeking regime change in China. That outdated outlook is dangerous to all parties in today’s world and a threat to stability.

Lin Wancheng,  a little-known businessman, has  left China months before his well-known elder brother Lin Jihua was first stripped of his ministerial position and later arrested.

Those who seek refuge in the US have been a thorn in Sino-American relations, and progress on a treaty replacing the case-by-case handling of such issues would be a welcome breakthrough when the leaders of the two countries meet next month. A current case linked to the corruption probe of a family member, however, shows how complicated the issue can be, and transparent handling would help set bilateral ties on a more predictable path.

Without strict maritime law to monitor fishing activities in common waters, over exploitation and diplomatic wrangling can ensue. The Philippines and China can adopt informal mechanisms, which can even serve as the bedrock for more robust cooperation.

Wang Yi-Kerry

Although the recent Iran nuclear agreement is welcome, China and the U.S. have important tasks to perform to keep Iran from becoming a real, as opposed to a virtual, nuclear weapons state. The Iranian model will not apply to Korea and other proliferation challenges given the different elements of these threats.

China and the U.S. share common interests but very different approaches in Africa. If the two countries can explore possibilities to realize bilateral security cooperation and work to maintain peace and stability in the continent, they can set the stage for a new type of major-country relations that rises about fierce competition.

Whether the world’s nations can adjust to changes and to work with instead of working against the new arrivals on the world stage is going to be a major test. China has chosen to integrate itself into the international order, and has greatly benefited from being part of it, so China should be seen as a partner, not a competitor.

The partnership of developing countries offers a benign counterweight to Western dominance in the world, and can help shape a “new normal” in international relations.

National League for Democracy party leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, recently led a delegation to China to discuss increasingly strained tensions. Overall, Sino-Myanmar ties remain fairly strong and Chinese investment is particularly important to Myanmar.


As the world becomes increasingly multi-polar, there has been much discussion of a new model for major-power relations and how they might shape a modern world order. The recent breakthrough in negotiations with Iran shows that the idea is moving from rhetoric to reality.

American hawks who regard China as an implacable geopolitical adversary exhibit an unhealthy foreign policy perspective. But U.S. leaders and the American public also need to be careful not to lean too far in the other direction—toward an appeasement policy toward Beijing.


Improving U.S.-Cuba Relations have implications for China, but there is no need for strategic competition in Cuba and Latin America at large while Washington and Beijing share common interests in the region.

By Taking China to the International Court over Huangyuan Island, the Philippines makes trouble out of nothing.

The US pursues increasingly aggressive strategies against Russia, partly because it perceives Russia’s national power as too diminished to wage a meaningful fight, and now it has to face the music. Washington must cool things off by abandoning confrontation.

south china sea philippines

The upcoming 2016 Philippine Presidential election will have significant bearing on the future of infrastructure development and relations in the South China Sea. The next Philippines president may push closer to the U.S., while some want greater economic and humanitarian aid from China.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. carries deep symbolism, both in the U.S. political heritage, and classical Greek aesthetics. Vasilis Trigkas proposes that this monument be a site for President Xi and Obama to deliver an alternative narrative for China-U.S. relations.

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