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China’s Shangri-La Challenge: Balancing Power and Norms in the China Seas

Alessio Patalano, Director of the Asian Security & Warfare Research Group

Following this year’s Shangri-la Dialogue, Alessio Patalano examines U.S. and Japanese tensions with China, provides insight into China’s current disputes in the East and South China Seas, and recommends a policy of engagement to create a more effective security environment in East Asia.

Let’s Go Fight the Kaijus!

Zhao Weibin,Researcher, PLA Academy of Military Science

Let’s Go Fight the Kaijus!

Using the sci-fi film, Pacific Rim, as a backdrop, Zhao Weibin compares cooperation between the United States and China to that of the connection shared between the pilots of the machines designed to fight Kaijus. Weibin argues that there are many issues that China and the U.S. can work to solve mutually through RIMPAC 2014.

U.S. Indictment of Chinese Army Officers Is Only a Farce

Wu Zurong, researcher at China Foundation for International Studies

The U.S. indictment of five PLA officers is a fabricated story with no credible evidence to support these accusations. The reality is that the U.S. conducts cyber surveillance programs all the time around the world and yet it continues to demonize China. The indictments should be rescinded in order to build political trust in the Sino-U.S. relationship.

Following International Norms and Laws

Shen Dingli, Professor and Vice Dean, Fudan University

Following International Norms and Laws

China supports international norms and abides by international law; however, it is also justified in advancing legitimate sovereign interests. As in the case of the US during the Cold War, when armed forces were deployed on Taiwan or when the US instituted an ADIZ, it is appropriate for China to promote international law unless sovereign interests are at stake.

China in the Middle East: Where Rising Powers Fear to Tread

Michal Meidan, director at China Matters

China is becoming more engaged in the Middle East, but there are limits to the depth of this engagement. While trade links have deepened and investments have increased, energy resources remain the centrepiece of Chinese involvement and any official stance on the plethora of complex political issues are strongly eschewed.

China-Russia Naval Exercises Have Anti-US Undertone

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute

This year’s “Joint Sea-2014” maritime exercise between China and Russia was noticeable in several respects. First, the drill coincided with a state visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China. Second, it came at a time when other signs of deepening Sino-Russian cooperation were evident. Third, China tried to use the drills to legitimize its Air Defense Identification Zone. Finally, it failed to evoke much of a reaction from Washington.

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