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What Could Sochi Offer for Big-Country Relations?

Yu Sui,Professor with the China Center for Contemporary World Studies

What Could Sochi Offer for Big-Country Relations?

The 2014 Olympic Games at Sochi, Russia could stand as an important moment for major-power relations in the World. The most expensive games in history could have a historical impact in International Relations for Russia, China and the US.

China Strengthens Ties with Zimbabwe

Robert I. Rotberg, Fulbright Research Professor at the Paterson School of International Affairs

The recent agreement to declare the yuan a legal currency in Zimbabwe and for the construction of Chinese solar plants in the country has been viewed with skepticism by many. However, Robert Rotberg explains why China’s focus on the embattled country is beneficial for Sub-Saharan Africa and the global economy.

Tokyo’s Provocations Pose Dilemma for US

Zhao Minghao, a research fellow with the Charhar Institute

The US and Japan held the first talks on their Cyber Defense Policy Working Group early this month. The Japan Self-Defense Forces are scheduled to set up a cyber-defense unit in March, and Washington will provide support in training Japan’s senior military officials and improving Japan’s cyber warfare capabilities. All these maneuvers have revealed that the two countries are deepening their alliance.

Is India the Latest Component of A U.S.-Led Encirclement Strategy Against China?

Ted Galen Carpenter, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

Two news reports in late January suggested that India was becoming a more active participant in regional security issues. Ted Galen Carpenter discusses how a more assertive India could put the U.S. in a difficult situation.

The String of Pearls and the Maritime Silk Road

Zhou Bo, an honorary fellow with Academy of Military Science

To debunk the “String of Pearls” theory, Zhou Bo writes that China has only two purposes in the Indian Ocean: economic gains and the security of Sea lines of Communication.

Why Brookings is Wrong About the US “Pivot” to Asia

Stephen Harner, a former US State Department official

In response to a recent memorandum created by the Brookings Institution in support of the Obama administration’s rebalance to Asia, Stephen Harner points out why the United States must abandon this foreign policy strategy and allow countries in the Asia-Pacific to establish order in the region without interference.

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