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Is China the Japan of Seven Decades Past?

Curtis Chin, Former US Ambassador to Asian Development Bank

Is China the Japan of Seven Decades Past?

Given recent territorial moves by China, as well as heightened aggressive rhetoric, Curtis Chin analyzes the parallels between China currently and Japan as it existed in the past. Additionally, Chin asserts that the world’s powers should work to lower tensions so that peace and prosperity can exist in the Asia-Pacific region.

China’s Participation in RIMPAC Exercise: Model for Future Cooperation?

Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

China’s Participation in RIMPAC Exercise: Model for Future Cooperation?

Given China’s participation in the 2014 RIMPAC exercises, Doug Bandow analyzes and discusses the benefits of such inclusion. Additionally, Bandow examines how the RIMPAC exercises show that China can and should be enticed into involvement and cooperation with Western nations.

The Ukraine Crisis and US-Russia Relations

Zheng Yu, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Given the recent rhetoric about Russia’s resurgence and the country’s attempt at controlling Ukraine, Zheng Yu analyzes and discusses US policies that are key to containing Russia. Additionally, Yu stresses that Russia will eventually and inevitably have to come to terms with these policies.

Pentagon Report Offers Balanced Assessment of Chinese Military Power

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Chinese criticism of the Pentagon’s latest report on China’s military power is misplaced. The text is not intended to propagate the “China threat” thesis as part of a U.S.-led containment strategy. Instead, the document offers a balanced review of Chinese capabilities and intentions, and combines deterrence threats with reassuring opportunities for further China-U.S. defense cooperation.

Obama’s Most Portentous Foreign Policy Mistake: The ‘Pivot to Asia’

Stephen Harner, Former US State Department Official

Given the ‘pivot to Asia’ policy that has been executed by the Obama administration, Stephen Harner discusses its various negative implications. In addition to his assessment of the policy’s shortcomings, Harner also asserts that the Obama administration needs to reverse entirely this ‘pivot to Asia’ policy. Such a policy reversal, according to Harner, would create stability in Asia.

The Dream of the 21st Century Caliphate: How much will it cost to the US, China and the rest of the world?

Dan Steinbock, Research Director, India China and America Institute

In just a few weeks, Iraq has moved closer to a triangular disintegration. At the same time, the jihadists have advanced dramatically. Adverse scenarios cast a dark shadow over energy prices and growth prospects worldwide.

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