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CHINA US Focus - Exclusive Analysis of the Politics, Economics, Military and Culture of China-US Relations.

Top Priority for Obama’s Asian Trip

Top Priority for Obama’s Asian Trip

Wu Zurong, researcher at China Foundation for International Studies

Wu Zurong urges President Obama to encourage Japan to refrain from its path of reviving militarism and instead to seek solutions through peaceful negotiations.

Obama’s Agenda in Asia

Mel Gurtov, Editor-in-Chief of Asian Perspective

What’s on President Barack Obama’s agenda in Asia? As U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s trip to the Asia-Pacific comes to a close, Mel Gurtov turns his attention to Obama-s four-country trip at the end of April and highlights its significance for US alliance politics in Asia.

Toward A Multipolar Pattern: Challenges In A Transitional Stage

Cui Liru, former President, CICIR

A major trend accompanying the multi-polarization of the international political economy is the eastward shift of the world’s economic and political gravity center, from the two sides of the Atlantic to the Asia-Pacific, writes Cui Liru.

Abe’s Shrine Visit Affronts World

Li Wei, director of the Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Shifting the focus of domestic contradictions was also smugly calculated into Abe’s decision. His shrine visit again brazenly affronted Chinese people and the people of other victimized countries and aggravated relations with Japan’s neighbors, writes Li Wei.

Mao in Theory and Practice

Chung-yue Chang, philosophy teacher, Montclair State University, US

For China, the nation and the civilization, “socialism with Chinese characteristics” has become a directional guide. And this directional guide, rooted both in its immediate revolutionary past and in its long cultural heritage, is guiding China forward, for the realization of the Chinese Dream in the short term and for further development of its civilization in the long run, writes Chung-yue Chang.

Counter-piracy in the Gulf of Aden: Implications for PLA Navy

Zhou Bo, an honorary fellow with Academy of Military Science

Counter-Piracy off the coast of Somalia is a story of success. Until 22 December, 2013, the Chinese Task Forces have escorted 5460 ships including 2765 foreign ships. They have also escorted 7 ships of World Food Program in cooperation with the EU CTF- 465, writes Zhou Bo.

Max Baucus, A Good Candidate for US Ambassador to China

Tao Wenzhao, Researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Max Baucus, A Good Candidate for US Ambassador to China

Foreign news agencies have reported that President Barack Obama will likely nominate Senator Max Baucus to be his next envoy to China. If this is true and no change happens, it should be a positive move for the China-US relations, writes Tao Wenzhao.

The Founding Father

Eric X. Li, a venture capitalist and political scientist in Shanghai

“The history of the world is but biography of great men.” Mao Zedong, whose life left indelible marks on the lives of more than a billion people and changed the trajectory of the world, is to be studied with care and thoughtfulness, not to be judged with moral expediency, writes Eric Li.

China and the NSA

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute

Chinese officials have adopted a conspicuously low-key attitude toward the U.S. National Security Agency affair. However, despite protests from countries like Germany and Brazil, Beijing and Washington should work together to protect common cyber interests.

A New Model of Major-Country Relations: The New Driving Force Behind China-US Relations

Ruan Zongze, VP of China Institute of International Studies

The China-US relationship is, by all accounts, the decisive factor that will shape the future of the Asia-Pacific region and the world. It faces both opportunities and challenges in 2014. A stronger sense of shared responsibilities will put the new model of relations that both sides desire on a more solid footing, writes, Ruan Zongze.

Two Main Balancing Jobs – An Important Task for the Chinese Economy in 2014

Zhang Monan, researcher, China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Two Main Balancing Jobs – An Important Task for the Chinese Economy in 2014

With the Central Economic Work Conference just concluded, the important task facing the 2014 Chinese economy seems to be twofold: balancing China’s medium and long-term reform with its short-term growth, and balancing its structural adjustment with control and prevention of possible risks, writes Zhang Monan.

Interaction Drives Development of Major-Country Relations

Yu Sui,Professor with the China Center for Contemporary World Studies

Looking back on the past year, Yu Sui analyzes several geopolitical events and the major interactions between China, the United States and Russia to determine that more positive overtures are needed to construct collaborative relations between the three leading, global powers.

The Trend of Chinese Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fernando Menéndez, an economist and principal of Cordoba Group International LLC

As inward FDI in Latin America and the Caribbean reached an all time high in 2011 with total inflows of $153 billion in 2011, China continues to increase its investments in the region. Fernando Menéndez explains that rather than focusing on increased competition, the US and China should collaborate so both nations may benefit from the region’s booming economies.

How Far Will China’s Financial Reform Go in 2014?

Yi Xianrong, researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

How Far Will China’s Financial Reform Go in 2014?

The success of the Third Plenum’s recently announced economic reforms rely heavily on the outcome of China’s financial sector reforms. Important topics to monitor, writes Yi Xianrong, include interest rate liberalization, stock market regulation, changes to the exchange rate regime, and the risk that these reforms entail.

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