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America’s Renminbi Fixation

Stephen Roach, Faculty Member, Yale University

America’s Renminbi Fixation

For too long, the United States has allowed its fixation on the renminbi’s exchange rate to deflect attention from far more important issues in its economic relationship with China. For a growth-starved US, the opportunities for access to China’s markets far outweigh the currency threat.

Never Needed More: U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue

David Shambaugh, Professor, George Washington University

Never Needed More: U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue

On 3-4 May 2012 the United States and China convene their 2012 “Strategic and Economic” Dialogue. As the two powers and governments meet in Beijing for two days of intensive discussions and negotiations over a wide range of complicated issues, much uncertainty surrounds the relationship.

Is the US prepared to see International Institutions adapted to reflect China’s influence?

L. Stapleton Roy, US Former Ambassador to China

Is the US prepared to see International Institutions adapted to reflect China's influence?

In an exclusive interview, Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy speaks about China’s increasing influence in international institutions and the idea of international structural change. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US is generally perceived as the sole super power nation. This notion has changed as the rise of many developing countries start to participate more actively in international affairs. He envisions China’s role in selecting heads of IMF and the World Bank will increase.

China in US Grand Strategy

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

China in US Grand Strategy

The majority of discussions at the April 2012 U.S. Army War College’s 23rd annual Strategy Conference focused on the rise of China and the People’s Liberation Army. Despite U.S. concerns over a lack of transparency in China’s military, the 23rd annual Strategy Conference agreed the ties linking China and the U.S. make future conflicts unlikely.

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