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Richard Solomon on the 40th Anniversary of the Shanghai Communique

Richard H. Solomon
February 22, 2012
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Video Interview

Speaker: Richard Solomon, President of the United States Institute of Peace

Date: Feburary 7, 2012


Forty years after the Shanghai Communique, where President Nixon formally normalized relations between China and the United States, Dr. Solomon of the U.S. Institute of Peace offers his thoughts and expertise on the development of Sino-American relations since then. The Shanghai Communique of 1972 not only fundamentally changed the Cold War through cooperation of China and the US against the former common threat of the Soviet Union, but also defined the characters of diplomacy between the two countries for the years to come.

Dr. Solomon stresses that the Three Communiques enabled Deng’s 1978 reforms to take place, and allowed China-U.S. relations to grow, especially in the areas of economy and education. In this interview, Dr. Solomon addresses mechanisms that enforce the stability of the bilateral relations, and the opportunities brought about by Vice-President Xi Jinping’s first formal visit to the United States. 


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