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"Cooperation in Big Data Improves China-US Relations"
Can cooperation on big data technology help improve Sino-U.S. relations? Yu Xiang examines this emerging sector and describes how cooperation on this issue could reduce tensions in other areas, like cyber-espionage.
"Mutual Understanding Leads to More Trust"
Promoting mutual understanding should be the goal in order to build a healthy relationship among countries. This is especially true for China and the US in their efforts to build a new model of a major power relationship, writes Chen Jimin.
"The US-China Tangle Over the South China Sea"
While the United States continues to try and resolve disputes in the South China Sea to protect the security of established sea routes and ports, China finds the situation to be stable. Dismissing any alleged tensions, China claims that it and ASEAN do not need U.S. interference to help rectify the so-called dispute.
"For the Rest of Asia, America Might Be a Friend, but China Cannot Be an Enemy"
As tensions rise between the U.S. and China over China's islands dispute with Japan, American strategists have been thinking about how to accommodate China while at the same time standing behind their Japanese ally.
"Deng Xiaoping’s US Policy Remains Consistent"
With August 22, 2014 marking the 110th Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s birth, Yu Sui reflects on the role this remarkable date plays in China’s foreign policy and how Xi Jinping has carried on Deng’s work.
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"Should Washington Consider Accepting a Chinese Monroe Doctrine?"
The United States’ engagement policy toward China is a strategic step toward containing Beijing’s growing financial power and economic influence. However, with tension increasing between China and the United States, Carpenter heeds Washington to look for more sustainable engagement plans before advancing on what American scholars have coined “congagement”, in fear of erupting a larger Sino-American crisis.
"Alibaba Is a New Brightspot in China-US Relations"
Alibaba’s upcoming IPA shows that China's economic rise will not only benefit the Chinese people, but also provide more opportunities for US and the world, writes Li Zheng.
"Time to Rethink the China-Focused Pivot"
As the United States continues its push into the Asia-Pacific and furthers its pivot or rebalance to the region, Chen Xiangyang urges U.S. policymakers to rethink their China-focused pivot in light of recent international developments.
"China-US Relations: Rhetoric Or Reality?"
As the relationship between China and the United States remains the most important bilateral relationship in the world, Tom Watkins explores the way academic institutions and think tanks have shaped the Western perception of China.
"U.S.-China Relations: Setting Priorities, Making Choices"
How can the Obama administration improve U.S.-China relations while applying greater pressure on North Korea? As Doug Bandow explains, this will be a difficult endeavor and require compromises from both nations.