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The U.S. Should Stop Harming the Fundamental Basis of Sino-U.S. Relations
The US should show the same respect for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as China has always shown respect for US sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is the basic condition for the smooth and healthy development of the Sino-US relations.
Rethinking the “Strategic Crossroads”
China hopes to build a new model of big power relations with the US featuring non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutually beneficial cooperation, and mutual accommodation of each other's core interests. The aim is to gradually make the uncomfortable interdependent relations more comfortable.
Maturing China-U.S. Ties to Breed Breakthroughs
Despite its serious concern about information security, the US displayed more impressive diplomatic courtesy than in previous sessions, helping the two sides to build trust, reduce suspicion, and restore collaboration. That contributes to a constructive atmosphere for the upcoming summit meeting of the two countries’ leaders.
China-U.S. Relations: Striking a Balance between Cooperation and Competition
There is no denying that elements of competition exist in China-U.S. relations, but strengthening bilateral cooperation still forms the heart of the two countries’ policies towards each other.
The Strategic and Economic Dialogue Shows the Maturity of China-U.S. Relations
After heated discussions, even confronting debates, the 7th S&ED has still achieved more than 190 results, which clearly illustrates the solid base for bilateral relations.
More than Sport: China vs. the U.S. in World Cup Soccer, 1999 and 2015
Last Friday’s U.S.-China women’s World Cup game recalled the 1999 final, which returned China-U.S. relations to equilibrium. Sport has always served diplomacy and built up patriotism, and China has placed more emphasis on building up its grassroots programs over the last two decades.
Foundation of China-U.S. Relation Lies in Silent Majority
The desire for peace, mutual respect, and economic cooperation is already winning the hearts and minds of everyday people on both sides of the Pacific. Their voices may seldom make the headlines, but they are a critical foundation of this important relationship.
Building on China-U.S. Cooperation at NPT Conference
As permanent members of the UN Security Council, Chinese and U.S. leaders should look beyond the recent deadlocked Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and use their next U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue to make further progress in promoting nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, and supporting the safe and secure peaceful use of nuclear energy.
General Fan Visits Havana
China and Cuba are longtime economic, military and political allies and last week’s arrival of Chinese General Fan Changlong in Havana caused speculation about their relationship. More serious is Cuba’s public insistence during the negotiations that the United States return the naval base at Guantanamo Bay.
China: The U.S. Vote Getter
This election cycle will likely bring out U.S. politicians from both sides of the aisle to blame China for U.S. economic woes. However, as China greatly increases its outbound investment, it would be a missed opportunity to not engage economically.
Three Highlights of Upcoming China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue
Talks on the bilateral investment, the South China Sea and military-to-military relations should help leaders and people in both countries confidence in each other and make China-US relations stand the test of challenging times.
US spy plane
Is the South China Sea Worth the Risk of War?
The chattering classes are buzzing about the importance of making China “pay a price” for its aggressive behavior. However, the possibility of miscalculation and misjudgment makes it even more important that all participants step back from confrontation.
Time to Choose the Outcome for U.S.-China Relations
A major piece in the most recent weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal points out that it’s time to rethink about the U.S. relations with China. This thought provoking article is extremely timely and the issues raised are critical to the future of both countries.
Creating a Human-Interest Agenda for U.S.-China Relations
Just as U.S. President Bill Clinton expressed to Chinese President Jiang Zemin in 1996, both countries need to rely on the common interests of combating climate change and strengthening mutual security. This can happen with improved and people-to-people interaction.
The U.S. Has Gone Too Far in the South China Sea Dispute
In its eagerness to reassert its supremacy in the Asia Pacific, Washington risks losing its balance amid competing strategic goals, by forcing a position that is neither fair nor legally supportable in a region far from its shores.
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