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"Hardening Competition with China—Implications for US Taiwan Policy"
As the rivalry between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific continues, Taiwan will play an ever-increasing role in the Obama administration’s rebalance or pivot to the region. Robert Sutter explains recent congressional interest in Taiwan and lays out three reasons why existing U.S. policies will continue.
"The Taiwan Issue Shows Signs of Re-Igniting"
With tensions at a seemingly all time high in the Asia Pacific, cross-straits relations between mainland China and Taiwan remain positive and relatively peaceful. However, Ted Galen Carpenter posits that this quiet period may be coming to an end and the Taiwan issue could prominently reemerge in the near future.
"Why Is Cross-Straits Communication Slowing Down"
Consultation and negotiation are indispensable for the mainland’s ideal of solving the Taiwan issue through peaceful means, writes Zhu Songling.
"To Abandon Taiwan or Not, That’s Not the Question"
Following criticisms from international relations scholars like John Mearsheimer and Iskander Rehman, Xu Shiquan addresses the issue of Taiwan and China’s “one country two systems” policy to explain how the United States and China can find a win-win opportunity while avoiding conflict.
"Zhang-Wang Meeting Helps Taiwan Cross-Straits Relations"
The meeting between Zhang Zhijun and Wang Yu-chi could benefit cross-straits relations by promoting peace and open communication, but Zhu Songling also brings into question America’s involvement and how improving China-U.S. relations is crucial to maintaining this peace.
"No Misleading Taiwan"
Wu Zurong responds to Professor James Holmes’ article on Taiwan, arguing that a win-win outcome for the Taiwan Strait should replace Holmes’ strategy for “winning without fighting.”
"The Implications of Improved Cross-Strait Relations for US Arms Sale to Taiwan"
So long as the overall strength of the mainland continues to grow and cross-strait relations continue to improve, the day will come when the U.S. and Taiwan have to decide whether arms deals are still needed, writes Zhou Bo.
"A Competitive Strategy for Taiwan"
How can Taipei bring about stable, enduring deterrence across the Taiwan Strait? Jim Holmes discusses this question and other defense issues pestering cross-straight relations.
"Tightrope Diplomacy: U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan"
Washington has made it a point to handle arms sales to Taiwan as delicately as possible. However, following a recent visit by Senator James Inhofe and other developments, the Obama administration is finding it more challenging to walk the diplomatic tightrope.
"The World’s Wartime Debt to China"
The Chinese contributions towards the allied victory of World War II are often overlooked and because of this China has seen little reward for its efforts since war’s end. However, modern ties with the west have opened the door for China to build on relationships, end lingering issues and gain true recognition for its contributions.