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China’s Role in Syria

What role should China play in issues like the Syrian crisis? China’s role is to prevent the Syrian issue from becoming a deal between the US and Russia only, and to push for more international cooperation, writes Pang Zhongying.


China as a Swing State on Syria

As China has distanced itself from Syria in the last eighteen months. Joel Wuthnow believes that arguments that China is hedging its bets on Assad may be premature.


China’s Post-G20 Bounce

Attending his first multilateral summit since becoming president in March, Xi Jinping held a series of important multilateral and bilateral meetings at the G20. Without attracting much attention, Chinese foreign policy has been on a roll since last month’s summit.


Sino-Russian Marine Maneuver Helps Asia-Pacific Stability

Are Russia and China attempting to counter US and Japanese influence in the Asia-Pacific by undertaking joint military exercises? Following Joint Sea-2013, Chen Xiangyang attempts to answer this question and explain the impact of China and Russia’s strategic partnership on the region.


An Interlude in the US-Russia Symphony

PRISM-gate will have a limited influence on Russia-US relations, says Yu Sui. However, no matter how the stalemate of the Snowden incident is resolved, and how Russia will handle it in the end, US Secretary of State Kerry has said that US-Russia relations will be affected.


Priorities of Major Powers in the ASEAN Regional Forum

ASEAN has always been careful to balance the status of the major powers rather than allow the forum to indulge power games, writes Zhou Shixin. If ASEAN tries to choose sides in the forum, or seek hegemony in the region by use of the forum, it will lose the very confidence it has worked so hard to build.

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