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Is the Nine-Dash Line in the South China Sea Legal?

Is the Nine-Dash Line in the South China Sea Legal?

China has never regarded the South China Sea in its totality as China’s territorial waters. Nor will China seek to turn the South China Sea into a “Chinese lake”, writes Wu Shicun.


Sino-Japanese Tensions: Legal Jousting and Beyond

Are leaders sleepwalking towards another war? Jeff Kingston examines rising tensions in the East China Sea and warns that many of the current disputed territory issues arose from differences in the Cairo Declaration and the San Francisco Treaty.


China’s Meager Typhoon Relief Aid: Is Beijing Sending a Geopolitical Message?

While nations in the international community, especially Japan, Australia, and the United States, rushed to provide generous relief aid to the Philippines in the aftermath of devastating Typhoon Haiyan, China’s response has been noticeably different.


The Implication of China’s Maritime Power Dream

The Implication of China's Maritime Power Dream

After recently conducting counter-piracy exercises in the Gulf of Aden, increased naval cooperation between the United States and China appears to be on a positive tract. As Su Xiaohui explains, China’s aspiration to become a maritime power should not be perceived as a threat to the United States.


Managing China’s Maritime Interests

Identifying six legitimate maritime interests for China in the South China Sea, Shen Dingli explains how China perceives its current territorial disputes and offers recommendations for easing tensions in the region.


Dangerous Congressional Meddling in the South China Sea

Dangerous Congressional Meddling in the South China Sea

Congressional involvement in foreign policy can cause difficulties for any U.S. administration. Recent resolutions passed regarding the South and East China Seas and their territorial disputes, although seemingly harmless, carry a deep undertone and may be thrusting the U.S. government further into a regional issue that it cares to be involved.

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