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Maturing China-U.S. Ties to Breed Breakthroughs
Despite its serious concern about information security, the US displayed more impressive diplomatic courtesy than in previous sessions, helping the two sides to build trust, reduce suspicion, and restore collaboration. That contributes to a constructive atmosphere for the upcoming summit meeting of the two countries’ leaders.
South China Sea
Gains and Losses for U.S. in South China Sea
China-U.S. competition and rivalry in the South China Sea is structural, strategic, and irreconcilable. Preventing conflicts from damaging bilateral ties is a practical imperative for decision-makers in both countries.
China’s Maritime Disputes: Trouble to the South, But the East Stays Quiet
Tensions are rising in the South China Sea — so why is the East China Sea so calm?
Three Highlights of Upcoming China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue
Talks on the bilateral investment, the South China Sea and military-to-military relations should help leaders and people in both countries confidence in each other and make China-US relations stand the test of challenging times.
US spy plane
Is the South China Sea Worth the Risk of War?
The chattering classes are buzzing about the importance of making China “pay a price” for its aggressive behavior. However, the possibility of miscalculation and misjudgment makes it even more important that all participants step back from confrontation.
The U.S. Has Gone Too Far in the South China Sea Dispute
In its eagerness to reassert its supremacy in the Asia Pacific, Washington risks losing its balance amid competing strategic goals, by forcing a position that is neither fair nor legally supportable in a region far from its shores.
China’s Export Infrastructure Strategy at Risk in South China Sea?
Could China’s export infrastructure drive be at risk from its actions in the South China Sea? To win overseas infrastructure contracts, China may have to choose between a trouble free ‘going out’ strategy, and an aggressive ‘island-building’ South China Sea policy.
How to Avoid a Sino-American War
The U.S.-China Strategic Dialogue, the seventh of its kind, will take place soon amidst an increasing rivalry between the two countries. Ensuring stable peace and continued prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region will require both countries to replace their self-serving interpretations of the other’s strategic intentions with more sober assessments.
How Would You Feel If China Flew Spy Planes a Dozen Miles From the California Coast?
What exactly is America's gripe with China in the South China Sea? The question becomes more and more important as the future of the world's most vital bilateral relationship becomes more and more dependent on what happens in this much-contested waterway. And the answer is not very clear.
Interference in South China Sea Harms U.S.
China's efforts to solve the disputes through consultations and bilateral negotiations between parties in the disputes has shown the direction for peaceful resolutions. Since stability is also a U.S. goal, Washington should stop blaming China for stirring up conflicts and allow countries in the region to resolve their own disputes.
A Chinese Pivot to Latin America?
With good reason, Chinese leaders wonder whether the pivot to Asia is the initial stage of a containment policy directed against their country. Similarly, U.S. officials are likely to become concerned about China’s attention and investment in Latin America, not helped by suspicions about China’s intentions in the South China Sea.
Averting a Deepening U.S.-China Rift Over the South China Sea
The recently announced Chinese defense white paper focusing on China’s commitment to strengthen its growing naval power, along with bellicose remarks by Chinese and American officials regarding events in the South China Sea, have deepened tensions between Washington and Beijing. The ongoing dispute threatens to drive U.S.-China relations permanently in a far more adversarial, zero-sum direction and destabilize the region.
Risks Manageable for China-U.S. Relations
The ongoing series of high-level meetings show that, despite pressures from third-party players, Beijing and Washington value a cooperative relationship and mutual understanding that should continue to strengthen.
Maintaining Peace and Tranquillity in the South China Sea
China’s reclamation work offshore is not threats to other countries, but will improve the region’s weather forecasting and maritime-rescue capacity. The US and other countries, as well as international organizations, will be welcome to make use of the facilities it will build, so as to advance cooperation on humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
Maritime Delimitation in the Gulf of Tonkin is Too Important to be Ignored
While it runs counter to the notion that China is “aggressive” in the South China Sea, the maritime delimitation agreement with Vietnam is important for both media and international scholars to study for a deeper understanding of China’s practice in dispute resolution.
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