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Stabilizing Relations in the Year of Leadership Transitions
With major leadership transitions in the US and China this year, it is easy to become disheartened at the current state of the China-US relationship. However, despite some obvious disagreements, the relationship continues to strengthen and mature
US Partiality Causes Chaos and Risk in the South China Sea
Recent American intervention in the South China Sea territorial disputes may produce more harm than good. US involvement may cause regional countries to miscalculate when dealing with one another and further enflame tensions in the South China Sea.
China has no Shortage of Strategic Opportunities
Despite a chaotic and often pessimistic international and peripheral strategic environment for China, there are still potential positive opportunities available. China must refrain from rash, ill-advised reactions to a rapidly changing world and focus on a thoughtful international policy both near and abroad.
Growing Ties with Hanoi May Draw U.S. Deeper into South China Sea Dispute
During his visit to Vietnam in early June, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta displayed eagerness to have the U.S. military return to the bases it once occupied at Cam Ranh Bay.  The Pentagon lost its foothold there when South Vietnam fell to communist forces in the mid-1970s, and military […]
Will the China-Philippine Standoff over Huangyan Island Lead to Cooperation?
Over one month has passed since the China-Philippines standoff over Huangyan Island (Scarborough shoal) started on 10 April 2012. The Philippines’ biggest naval vessel BRP Gregorio Del Pilar attempted to intercept Chinese fishing boats which were reported to take shelter from a storm in the lagoon of Huangyan Island. Although […]
Interpreting the U-shape Line in the South China Sea
It has been almost one month since the standoff started on April 10, 2012 between the Philippines and China at the waters around at Huangyan Island (Scarborough Shoal). This standoff raises a new round of debate on the dispute between China and other claimant states on both the sovereignty and maritime jurisdiction.
Huangyan Island Standoff Reflects Significant Changes in South China Sea Disputes
The standoff between China and the Philippines over Huangyan Island has lasted for nearly a month and there are no signs of a compromise. Compared to other conflicts in the South China Sea region in recent years, this one is quite different and has the potential to escalate.  The major […]
Standoff at Scarborough Shoal: Implications for US-China Relations
On April 10th China and the Philippines became embroiled in a naval standoff in disputed waters in the South China Sea. The standoff occurred when the Philippine Navy frigate, BRP Gregorio del Pilar, was sent to investigate the sighting of eight Chinese fishing boats at Scarborough Shoal 124 nautical miles […]
Who is being Driven into Corner over the Huangyan Island Crisis?
The recent crisis around Huangyan island, where ships from China and the Philippines are in a stalemate against each other, is only one of the challenges the Philippines raised against China over the territorial dispute in the South China Sea. Although there has been friction between the two countries in […]
The Huangyan Island Standoff: A Review of the Claims and the Prospects for the Future
Starting on April 10th, China and the Philippines became embroiled in a standoff in disputed waters in the South China Sea. The standoff occurred when eight Chinese fishing boats, while taking refuge in a lagoon near Huangyan Island due to harsh weather, were harassed by the Philippine largest warship Gregorio del Pilar.
Muddy Waters
This month’s maritime standoff between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea isn’t the first time the region’s navies have gone toe-to-toe. But while past tensions revolved around resources under the ocean floor, this most recent event is part of a growing strategic rivalry pitting Chinese power against […]
Avoiding Shipwreck in the South China Sea
Rising tensions over maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea are making this area one of the more dangerous geopolitical flashpoints in Asia.  The most recent standoff between China and the Philippines over fishing rights is but one of the examples of how things could go terribly wrong if […]
Mr. Xi Comes to Washington
Philip Levy explains how elections and political transitions in the United States and China this year ratchet up the pressure on leaders and aspirants and make conciliation more difficult.
The Historical and Present-day Predicaments Besetting the US for Intervention in Chinese-Japanese Marine Disputes
The East Asia Summit is to be held on the Bali Island of Indonesia on November 19, with US president Obama expected to be there for the first time. It has been reported that the draft declaration prepared for the summit has set out some principles for all the member […]
U.S.’s China Checking Policy in Asia Pacific Threatens Durability of its Leadership
The U.S.’s new Asia Pacific policy is becoming clearer following its hosting of the APEC Summit in Honolulu and its debut participation in the East Asia Summit, both in November. After waging a costly war in Iraq, claiming the lives of over 4000 GIs as well as some 110,000 Iraqis, […]
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