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Clearing the Sea of Troubles
ASEAN must stop its members from fanning trouble to ensure ties between China and Southeast Asian countries prosper.
How to Manage China-Vietnam Territorial Disputes
In the South China Sea it is essential to avoid future confrontation, not only for bilateral relations but also for the stability in the region. It is also necessary to move both bilateral and regional conflict management process forward.
China-Japan Island Row in Dangerous Waters
Despite Shintaro Ishihara’s clamors for war between Japan and China, Feng Zhaokui writes that the existence of disputes should be the very reason for enhanced people-to-people and even official exchanges to smooth over the Sino-Japanese relationship.
China’s Maritime Disputes in the East and South China Seas
Maritime disputes constitute the single likeliest source of instability and military conflict with China, says Swaine. He explains the primary drivers of tension in the East and South China Seas and identifies steps Washington can take to reduce the risk of hostilities.
China and Vietnam: Danger in the South China Sea
As tensions in the South China Sea continue to rise, the United States must carefully navigate regional tensions to ensure the current dispute between China and Vietnam does not encourage reckless behavior, but rather promotes peaceful dispute resolution.
Avoiding Conflict in the South China Sea
As the relationships between China and its neighbors deteriorate, Doug Bandow argues that the Sino-US relationship has never been as important.
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Washington and Beijing under New Leadership
In order to a avoid a “mutual assured depression” relationship, Richard Weitz argues that China and the United States must work together to deal with global challenges.
Illustration - Republican Elephant Democrat Donkey
Campaign Rhetoric Undermines Good Relations with China
As the US Presidential election races towards a conclusion, both candidates have intensified their “China-bashing” in recent weeks. Doug Bandow warns that regardless of whoever wins, the incoming President will need to drastically scale back the inflammatory rhetoric upon assuming office or risk long-term damage to the China-US relationship.
Reince Priebus, Willan Harris
The GOP’s New Dangerous China Policy
With the US Party Conventions over, one Party’s platform in particular stood out as particularly detrimental to US-China relations. While it is now clear the hardliners within the Republican Party control its China policy, what is less apparent is whether or not Republicans have thought through the full ramifications of their confrontational positions towards China.
Averting Conflict in the South China Sea
Despite rising tensions in the South China Sea, conflict can and should be averted. A good first step would be to acknowledge that the South China Sea is part global good, part sovereign territory. Through greater dialogue, trust-building and transparency, informal rules of the sea can accommodate both a rising China and a strong America.
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