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China and Vietnam: Danger in the South China Sea
As tensions in the South China Sea continue to rise, the United States must carefully navigate regional tensions to ensure the current dispute between China and Vietnam does not encourage reckless behavior, but rather promotes peaceful dispute resolution.
Avoiding Conflict in the South China Sea
As the relationships between China and its neighbors deteriorate, Doug Bandow argues that the Sino-US relationship has never been as important.
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Washington and Beijing under New Leadership
In order to a avoid a “mutual assured depression” relationship, Richard Weitz argues that China and the United States must work together to deal with global challenges.
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Campaign Rhetoric Undermines Good Relations with China
As the US Presidential election races towards a conclusion, both candidates have intensified their “China-bashing” in recent weeks. Doug Bandow warns that regardless of whoever wins, the incoming President will need to drastically scale back the inflammatory rhetoric upon assuming office or risk long-term damage to the China-US relationship.
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The GOP’s New Dangerous China Policy
With the US Party Conventions over, one Party’s platform in particular stood out as particularly detrimental to US-China relations. While it is now clear the hardliners within the Republican Party control its China policy, what is less apparent is whether or not Republicans have thought through the full ramifications of their confrontational positions towards China.
Averting Conflict in the South China Sea
Despite rising tensions in the South China Sea, conflict can and should be averted. A good first step would be to acknowledge that the South China Sea is part global good, part sovereign territory. Through greater dialogue, trust-building and transparency, informal rules of the sea can accommodate both a rising China and a strong America.
ASEAN, China and the South China Sea Dispute Management
Managing the situation in the South China Sea has proven to be difficult. In this context the role that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can play is of particular interest. Some of the complexities involved were displayed at the recent ASEAN meetings held in Cambodia. ASEAN and the […]
Better legacy from Clinton
US' China policy needs to be changed in the direction of increasing mutual trust and avoiding miscalculations US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just concluded her latest visit to China. It is also likely to be her last in her tenure as chief diplomat of Foggy Bottom under the […]
Sea Spats Pose Headache for U.S.
It is imperative that Washington makes its position in the South China Sea clear in order to reduce the risk to the United States and its interests.
Dangerous Shoals: U.S. Policy in the South China Sea
  The rhetoric is growing hotter among China, most of its Southeast Asian neighbors, and the United States. Earlier this month, the State Department took the unusual step of issuing a press statement that singled out Chinese behavior for criticism in creating a new administrative district covering most of the […]
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Panetta’s Coming Visit to China: What to Expect
Conflicting signals sent by the US regarding the South China Sea territorial disputes have served to heighten distrust between the US and China ahead of Defense Secretary Panetta’s upcoming visit to China. Although unlikely to produce concrete results, these high level visits serve to clarify intentions and alleviate strategic distrust between China and the US.
Stabilizing Relations in the Year of Leadership Transitions
With major leadership transitions in the US and China this year, it is easy to become disheartened at the current state of the China-US relationship. However, despite some obvious disagreements, the relationship continues to strengthen and mature
US Partiality Causes Chaos and Risk in the South China Sea
Recent American intervention in the South China Sea territorial disputes may produce more harm than good. US involvement may cause regional countries to miscalculate when dealing with one another and further enflame tensions in the South China Sea.
China has no Shortage of Strategic Opportunities
Despite a chaotic and often pessimistic international and peripheral strategic environment for China, there are still potential positive opportunities available. China must refrain from rash, ill-advised reactions to a rapidly changing world and focus on a thoughtful international policy both near and abroad.
Growing Ties with Hanoi May Draw U.S. Deeper into South China Sea Dispute
During his visit to Vietnam in early June, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta displayed eagerness to have the U.S. military return to the bases it once occupied at Cam Ranh Bay.  The Pentagon lost its foothold there when South Vietnam fell to communist forces in the mid-1970s, and military […]
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