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China’s Rise through Chinese Eyes

After meeting with international affairs experts from Asia, Richard Weitz provides an in-depth look at how regional experts in the Asia-Pacific are reacting to the US pivot to Asia.


US Must Understand Both Sides of the South China Sea Issue

As the United States continues its rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asian nations continue to rely upon US influence and military strength to counterbalance China. However, China’s regional power continues to grow and the economic incentives for aligning with China far outweigh those pushing nations toward the US.


Clearing the Sea of Troubles

ASEAN must stop its members from fanning trouble to ensure ties between China and Southeast Asian countries prosper.


How to Manage China-Vietnam Territorial Disputes

In the South China Sea it is essential to avoid future confrontation, not only for bilateral relations but also for the stability in the region. It is also necessary to move both bilateral and regional conflict management process forward.


China-Japan Island Row in Dangerous Waters

Despite Shintaro Ishihara’s clamors for war between Japan and China, Feng Zhaokui writes that the existence of disputes should be the very reason for enhanced people-to-people and even official exchanges to smooth over the Sino-Japanese relationship.


China’s Maritime Disputes in the East and South China Seas

Maritime disputes constitute the single likeliest source of instability and military conflict with China, says Swaine. He explains the primary drivers of tension in the East and South China Seas and identifies steps Washington can take to reduce the risk of hostilities.

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