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China’s New Normal in the South China Sea

China's New Normal in the South China Sea

The dispute over territory in the South China Sea has become a flashpoint for Asian regional politics. China’s policy has used both big and small-stick diplomacy to assert its claim to the region. In doing so, it has formed a new normality for the region.


What Should China Do in a Period of Frequent Frictions?

What Should China Do in a Period of Frequent Frictions?

As a rising power, China must face growing frictions. To peacefully progress, Zhang Tuosheng explains, China must do three things. First, it must utilize the effective policies since “reform and opening up.” Next, it must seek to redefine the “great power structure” of the world on multiple levels. Finally, it must build its means to manage crises.


Questioning Abe on Islands Dispute

Liu Jiangyong writes that the Sino-Japanese dispute over the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands has entered a new stage; and disputes Japanese claims, saying that China will not shelve the issue unilaterally.


Overcoming East Asia’s Sovereignty Disputes

Disputes over territorial sovereignty are among the thorniest of all diplomatic disagreements. While the sovereignty disputes in the South and East China Seas involve seemingly non-negotiable claims, the resources surrounding the islands can nevertheless be shared, nurturing habits of closer regional cooperation in the process.


China’s Rise through Chinese Eyes

After meeting with international affairs experts from Asia, Richard Weitz provides an in-depth look at how regional experts in the Asia-Pacific are reacting to the US pivot to Asia.


US Must Understand Both Sides of the South China Sea Issue

As the United States continues its rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific, Southeast Asian nations continue to rely upon US influence and military strength to counterbalance China. However, China’s regional power continues to grow and the economic incentives for aligning with China far outweigh those pushing nations toward the US.

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