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China and America: Indispensable Partners
China has two key challenges in the years ahead. The first is to build a new, global rules-based system with the other major world power, the United States, that supplants the post-WWII order. The second is to consolidate the rule of law within China. The challenge in both cases is […]
Post-APEC Xi-Obama Meetings Bolster China-U.S. Relations
Xi-Obama meetings following the APEC summit helped spur new topics and commitments to bilateral cooperation, most notably with the creation of an impactful new climate treaty. Yu Xiang discusses new international issues – responding to Ebola, IS, and a military reporting mechanism – for extending Sino-U.S. cooperation.
The APEC Effect: From ‘Talk Shop’ to Action
The initiatives and enormous investments turned the APEC meeting in Beijing from a “talk shop” to one of action. Han Liqun stresses that all APEC member economies should be fully confident in building an open and liberal economic and trade environment in the Asia-Pacific.
TPP or FTAAP: What It Means for US and the Asia-Pacific Region
China is the leading advocate for progress in the form of a “feasibility study” on an inclusive new regional trade agreement, the FTAAP. Concerned that this will detract from U.S. regional interests, the FTAAP ironically has provided impetus for the completion of the U.S.-led TPP proposal.
How the FTAAP Incorporates the TPP
He Weiwen dislodges the notion that the FTAAP is inherently in opposition to the TPP by discussing APEC plans to phase out regional free trade agreements in favor of creating a singular FTAAP; this more inclusive agreement which would serve as the “greatest common denominator” for standards and investment treaties in the Asian Pacific.
Operationalizing A New Model of Sino-US Relations Is Possible
While controversial issues like cyber-security, military containment, and U.S. arms sales to Taiwan were not touched upon during the latest Xi-Obama meeting, Da Wei argues that the agreements reached were not hollow, and instead set the tone for operationalizing a new style of “U.S.-China major-country relations.”
A Step Forward in US-China Ties
The November 11 bilateral summit between Presidents Xi Jinping and Barack Obama in Beijing was a welcome step forward in Sino-American relations. While some tensions were evident behind the scenes and during the two leaders’ joint press conference, on balance the two sides accomplished a lot in one day of summitry.
Xi-Obama Meeting: US-China Relations off to A More Promising Start
After more than a year of increasingly scratchy relations between the United States and China, Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping managed to strike a markedly improved tone and announce some accomplishments at the Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC), writes Douglas Paal.
A Spotlight on Xi-Obama Meeting at APEC
During this week’s APEC summit in Beijing, Xi and Obama will hold a meeting about critical bilateral and global issues against the backdrop of a changing international and domestic landscape, writes Jiang Yuechun.
Sino-US Ties of Major Concern before APEC Summit
As President Obama heads to China for the APEC Summit, Pang Zhongying states that a review of regional development in recent years has shown worrying signs in China-US relations.
Obama Is Back in Asia
With fears mounting that Washington has lost focus on Asia, Obama’s summit-filled trip to the region is an opportunity to reconnect with leaders and chart a clear course.
Facilitating the Establishment of an Asia-Pacific FTA
The Asian Pacific has seen a proliferation of Free Trade Associations over the years due to changing value chains, laws, and regional competition. Zhang Monan posits that the FTAAP would be the most beneficial and inclusive solution for the approaching APEC meeting in Beijing.
Taiwan, China and the TPP
The web of overlapping free trade agreements in the Asian Pacific have largely excluded Taiwan, and the U.S.-backed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) may be an option for inclusion. Taiwan’s unique position as an independent, export economy while still reliant on Mainland China, could actually be mutually beneficial for the region.
US Pressures China to Kill Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreement Talks
Last week, in the official preview of the APEC summit given by China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi noted that China wants forward progress on the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area (FTAAP). However, a recent report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that the U.S. is trying to shut down those discussions. […]
What Beijing Wants From APEC
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum is just around the corner, and Beijing is pulling out all the stops. Elegant Chinese limousines will ferry the region’s leaders to and fro. The Gods—or maybe just the Communist Party, in this case—have preordained clear skies (since all factories within polluting distance will […]
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