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Obama’s Agenda in Asia

What’s on President Barack Obama’s agenda in Asia? As U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s trip to the Asia-Pacific comes to a close, Mel Gurtov turns his attention to Obama-s four-country trip at the end of April and highlights its significance for US alliance politics in Asia.


Pathways to Asia Pacific Regional Economic Integration

Asia Pacific economic cooperation is an essential part of today’s globalization process, however the process is at a crossroads with both TPP and RCEP under negotiation, write Tang Guoqiang and Wang Zhenyu.


Should China Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks?

In Beijing, many observers regard the TPP as the economic counterpart of U.S. rebalancing in Asia to contain China’s rise. On the other hand, if Beijing would participate in the talks, it could conceivable influence both the process and the future shape of the proposed trade pact.


Joining TPP at an Appropriate Time and of Our Own Accord Serves China’s Strategic Interests

With a new stage of reforms beginning, it is important for China to look outside its borders for economic reform. China aims to build a new major-power relationship with the U.S. and doing this should involve joining the TPP and other FTAs. Joining such agreements would bring a variety of benefits to the world’s second-largest economy.


New Leadership’s New Reform Road Map

China’s new leadership anticipates that entering Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations would trigger a new round of domestic reforms. Niu Tiehang elaborates on the new roadmap for Chinese reforms and the “outside-in” effects the TPP talks and the establishment of Shanghai FTZ would have on China.


The Tectonic Trade Plates are Moving: CETA, TTIP and the TPP

The success of the Canada-EU Trade Agreement has allowed Canada to refocus its priorities on the US-led Trans-pacific Partnership trade talks and potentially paves the way for a larger free trade deal in the future. Hugh Stephens posits that as trade negotiations continue, Canada will position itself to take a stronger foothold in Asia.

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