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Police Detain Tie Liu, Beijing Writer and Underground Publisher

At 81 years old and after decades imprisoned in labor camps as a foe of the Communist Party, the Beijing writer and underground publisher Tie Liu had said that he was too old to seriously worry the security police anymore. But they raided his home over the weekend and detained him on a charge of [...]

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China to Ban Coal With High Ash, Sulfur

China will ban certain types of highly polluting coal starting next year, making good on a vow its cabinet issued late last year as part of an accelerating campaign to clean up its air. The directive from China’s top economic-planning agency is aimed at low-grade coal mainly coming from Indonesia and Australia. But analysts say [...]

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New Treaty Allows China to Sue Canada to Change its Laws

Despite public outcry, Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, ratified a controversial treaty on Friday that will allow China to sue Canada in secret tribunals to repeal Canadian laws that interfere with Chinese investments. Analysts interpret the move as an attempt to ease strained relations between the two nations. This summer, Canada accused China of hacking [...]

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U.S. Treasury Warns China Over Antimonopoly Efforts

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned his Chinese counterpart in a recent letter that a spate of antimonopoly investigations against foreign companies could have serious implications for relations between the two countries, according to people briefed on its contents. The letter, which Mr. Lew sent in recent days to Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang, said [...]

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In Southern China, Residents Wary of the Government Protest a Plan to Burn Waste

Residents of a county in southern China thronged the streets in protest over the weekend to oppose a proposed garbage incineration plant, defying government warnings and police detentions. The protest was the latest of a succession of demonstrations against waste-disposal projects by pollution-weary Chinese citizens. A street march broke out on Saturday in Boluo County, [...]

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Worry, mystification in China over Scotland independence vote

As Scotland heads to the polls this week to vote on whether to become independent, one country with restive regions of its own is watching the debate unfold with nervousness and some mystification – China. China has every reason to look askance at the idea of regions separating. It is facing persistent unrest in far-flung [...]

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