Ian Yang

Jan 26 , 2021

Xu (Ian) Yang is corporate vice president and president of Intel China, overseeing all Intel China operations and strategy.

Returning to China in 1995, Yang was named OEM sales manager, responsible for developing PC OEM business in China. In this position, he developed close cooperation between Intel and China's fledgling PC industry for win-win growth. In 2000, Yang was promoted to general manager of Intel China Sales and Marketing Group. Subsequently in 2005 he was appointed Sales and Marketing Group vice president and general manager of Intel's Asia Pacific geography. This was a role he shared with John Antone until China became its own standalone geography in 2007. At that point he assumed the role of Sales and Marketing Group vice president and general manager of Intel China. In 2009 Yang was promoted as president of Intel China.

During Yang's over 20-year Intel career he has also held positions in technical marketing, customer marketing and business development in both the U.S. and China.

In 1990, Ian graduated from GMI Engineering and Management Institute in Flint, Michigan with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.


杨旭于1995年担任英特尔(中国)有限公司OEM销售经理,负责在华开发个人电脑OEM业务。其间,他推动了英特尔和中国PC产业的密切合作与共赢发展。2000年,他开始担任英特尔中国销售与市场营销事业部总经理。2005年,他被任命为英特尔公司营销副总裁兼英特尔亚太区总经理,与John Antone 共同承担这一职位。2007年,英特尔中国升格为直接向总部汇报的独立大区,杨旭成为英特尔公司营销副总裁兼英特尔中国区总经理。2009年杨旭升任英特尔中国区总裁。