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Commentaries by Chen Xiangmiao

Chen Xiangmiao

Assistant Research Fellow, China National Institute for South China Sea Studies

Chen Xiangmiao is Assistant Research Fellow at the China National Institute for South China Sea Studies and the Nanjing University Collaborative Innovation Center for South China Sea Studies.
  • Apr 10 , 2017

    Some ASEAN countries efforts to woo Tokyo because of their suspicions about China’s strategic goals, thus creating an opportunity for Japan to enhance its presence in the region. But the real problem is Japan itself, and China and ASEAN countries should take anticipatory measures to protect the hard-earned détente in the region.

  • Apr 10 , 2017

    China and ASEAN countries should focus on implementing a dual-track approach and formulating a code of conduct for the sea, as well as establish mechanisms for maritime situations and to build mutual trust. If the US and China are truly committed to a new type of big-country relationship, they will find facilitating this approach to be in their mutual interest.

  • Mar 10 , 2017

    The sea issue is a stumbling block in China-US relations, but it’s not clear that the new president sees it as more important that the RMB exchange rate or other issues in the bilateral relationship. In that case, “freedom of navigation” there could be used by Trump as a bargaining chip in negotiations about issues that concern him more.

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