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CHINA US Focus - Exclusive Analysis of the Politics, Economics, Military and Culture of China-US Relations.

How the US War on ISIS will Affect China

How the US War on ISIS will Affect China

Wang Wenfeng, Associate Professor, CICIR

If ISIS turns out to be a major threat to US national security, it’s reasonable to believe that the rise of China will become less of a problem for America. As for what it means for China and the US rebalance toward Asia, it still remains to be seen how effective Obama’s strategy against the Islamic State will be, writes Wang Wenfeng.

Seize the Moment

Lawrence J. Lau and Ayesha Macpherson Lau

It is therefore time for the people of Hong Kong, regardless of their political persuasion, to put aside their differences and work together to make the election of the CE of the HKSAR by universal suffrage a reality in 2017, write Lawrence J. Lau and Ayesha Macpherson Lau.

America, China and the Islamic State

Dan Steinbock, Research Director, India China and America Institute

Washington has launched still another “war against terror” in the Middle East and beyond. It is the kind of escalation that the Islamic State has hoped. In contrast, Beijing is likely to stick to cautious engagement.

Alibaba Listing Underscores Asia’s “Gini” Out of the Bottle

Curtis Chin, Former US Ambassador to Asian Development Bank

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group and reportedly the richest man in China, saw his wealth soar with the successful launch of Alibaba’s initial public offering. While the IPO offers insights into global financial trends, it also provides a unique perspective on how income inequality is affecting citizens across the globe.

ISIS and China’s Free Rider Strategy

Franz-Stefan Gady, Senior Fellow, EastWest Institute

China will not give up its free-rider strategy in dealing with international violent extremism anytime soon. However, the People’s Republic may use the US-led campaign against the Islamic terror group ISIS as a pretext to more aggressively crack down on Uyghur separatism in Xinjiang province.

Xi Creates “New Normal” of Periphery Diplomacy

Chen Xiangyang, Deputy Director, CICIR

Analyzing the recent travels of Chinese President Xi Jingping, Chen Xiangyang examines the “new normal” of periphery diplomacy in China’s foreign policy and explains how it will continue to strengthen relations with regional nations.

Seeking Common Ground for Anti-Terror Cooperation

Fu Xiaoqiang, director, Center for Counter-terrorism Studies, CICIR

As President Barack Obama scales up his administration’s counteroffensive against terrorist groups operating in Iraq and Syria, Fu Xiaoqiang calls for China and the United States to find common interests and further anti-terror cooperation in order to decrease the potential of future threats and provide stability for a war-torn region.

What Alibaba’s Record IPO will do for China-US Relations

He Weiwen, Co-director, China-US/EU Study Center, CAIT

Alibaba’s stellar NYSE IPO beat even the most optimistic expectations. The IPO is likely to forge close US-China economic and trade ties, and to further integrate the two economies, writes He Weiwen.

The China-US Relationship Is Basically Good

Wu Jianmin, Member of Foreign Policy Advisory Committee, China's Foreign Ministry

The China-US Relationship Is Basically Good

While many believe that the China-US relationship is passing through a rocky period and has dropped to a low point, Wu Jianmin suggests that the foundation of the relationship remains strong.

View China’s Antitrust Law Enforcement Objectively

Yu Xiang, Research Fellow, CICIR

Are China’s investigative probes into foreign companies selective and rooted in protectionism? Yu Xiang refutes these claims and explains how China’s antitrust legislation and enforcement has developed since its inception in 2008.

The Fight Against Terror Will Entail Joint Efforts

Wu Sike, Member on Foreign Affairs Committee, CPPCC

Terrorism is the top public hazard of the present-day world. Its eradication calls for global cooperation and a shared sense of urgency.

Asia-Pacific Adapting to Changes

Zhang Yansheng, Senior Researcher, NDRC

China is promoting economic transition and innovation to seize the new opportunities and it is willing to work with others in the region.

The US Wants to Contain Russia But Cooperate With China

Zheng Yu, Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

How have different foreign policy approaches changed U.S. relations with Russia and China? As Zheng Yu explains, these differing policies and perspectives have become clearer as a result of the Ukraine Crisis and U.S.-led sanctions against Russia.

US Worrisome Approach to the South China Sea Situation

Wu Zurong, Research Fellow, China Foundation for Int'l Studies

Only by getting to know China in an entirely new light, can the US formulate a sensible China policy and produce a win-win situation for both China and the US in the South China Sea, writes Wu Zurong.

Intra-SCO Security Cooperation Helps Regional Stability

Shao Yuqun, Director, Center for American Studies, SIIS

The SCO should focus its efforts on intra-cooperation in security, politics and the economy. By doing so, the regional organization will enhance its ability to cope with regional challenges, and win respect from the rest of the world.

A Heavy Feeling: China is Gaining on America

Tom Watkins, Advisor, University of Michigan Confucius Institute

The stark juxtaposition of the last three decades of China’s public health — an era of starvation for 45 million people to now 46 million obese people — makes for a challenging public health issue. Tom Watkins explores how the United States and China must collaborate to address the health needs of their nations.

How Midterm Elections Affect US Foreign Policy

Zhang Zhixin, Chief of American Political Studies, CICIR

Are electoral politics and the upcoming midterm elections distracting the Obama administration from its foreign policy priorities? Zhang Zhixin examines the political polarization impeding the U.S. Congress and questions the ability of the Obama administration to continue its rebalance to the Asia-Pacific in such a conflicted environment.

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