Squaring the Circle: Rule According to Law in A One-party State
Oct 30, 2014
In the Communist Party of China Central Committee’s 4th Plenum, reform of the legal system was the focus of the meeting. Minxin Pei analyzes the “Major Decisions” document and examines the challenges facing Xi Jinping as he puts forth a new concept of “rule according to law.”
GDP Misleads On China and the US
Oct 28, 2014
Derek Scissors critiques the methods to measure the wealth of a nation, in particular the GDP PPP metric which led to World Bank and IMF projections of China’s economy surpassing the American economy next year.
The Umbrella Revolution: An Inevitable, But Short-lived ‘Influenza’
Oct 23, 2014
Reflecting on recent media coverage of “The Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong, Wu Sike outlines the three ways in which a “color revolution” typically unfolds and provides his explanation for why the political reform process will continue without being influenced by the demonstrations in Hong Kong.
Political & Social Development
The Changing Role of Chinese Women
Oct 29, 2014
Through the personal accounts of three generations of woman, Lijia Zhang recalls the immense women’s progress in the workplace, family, and society. However, Zhang stresses that there is a long way to go to achieve equality, and describes current actions young feminists are taking in China.
Peace & Security
Diverging and Converging Conceptions on A New Model of China-US Military Relations
Oct 27, 2014
Since the June 2013 Sunnylands Summit, the China-US military relationship has featured the following four characteristics: frequent high-level exchanges, practical institutional dialogues, expanded joint training and exercises, and frank and relatively mature “cross swords” on diplomatic occasions.
Energy & Environment
Controlling CO2 Emissions Starts with China and Clean Coal
Oct 27, 2014
The US, China and India compose about half of all global CO2 emissions. Through “dirty coal” import bans and new technological advances, China hopes to decrease its 2020 carbon emissions by 45% from its 2005 levels. Geoff Hiscock stresses that without increased sustainable investment, CO2 emission levels will keep rising.
Foreign Policy
What Are China’s Core Interests?
Oct 21, 2014
Feng Zhaokui discusses the broader points of a 2011 whitepaper on “China’s Peaceful Development” – specifically the need to make address regional “hotspot” issues like the Diaoyu islands conflict with Japan. By solving the issues outlined, Feng argues regional stability alongside economic prosperity is possible.
Foreign Policy
General Wesley Clark’s Fanciful China Analysis
Oct 24, 2014
In his “Getting Real About China” op-ed from the New York Times, General Wesley Clark describes China’s rise as a threat to the international system and U.S. hegemony. In contrast, Stephen Harner examines the assertions and explains why he hopes future administrations will not follow Gen. Clark’s advice.
Political & Social Development
Misled Democracy Could Jeopardize Hong Kong's Future
Oct 22, 2014
Those in Hong Kong championing democracy should pay attention to the history of democratization around the world. The results are not so straightforward, and often involve painful sacrifice, writes Zhang Weiwei.
Finance & Economy
AIIB is Good for Everybody
Oct 22, 2014
In response to U.S. suspicions over China’s establishment of an Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, Wu Jianmin lays out three reasons why the project would be a win-win for the Asia-Pacific region and the United States’ regional allies.
Foreign Policy
China’s Small Exercise with Iran Reflects Big Calculations
Oct 24, 2014
China’s small naval exercise with Iran last month was unremarkable in its military importance but helps illustrate the larger strategic calculations facing Beijing as China tries to manage its trilateral relationship with Tehran and Washington.