U.S. Elections and the War on Trade
Aug 25, 2016
Donald Trump’s nomination as the presumptive GOP candidate has come amid global alarm that the openly protectionist candidate will launch a series of anti-free trade initiatives if elected. However, a trade war with Mexico, and even more so with China, would have catastrophic consequences for the U.S. economy.
G20 Hangzhou Summit and UN 2030 Agenda
Aug 22, 2016
Strategies to stabilize world commodities and promote industrialization in Africa are key to achieving the goals of global governance and for sustainable growth. Giving less-developed nations outside the G20 an economic boost is a necessary commitment if any long-term global strategies are to be successful.
Blinkered Justice at The Hague on the South China Sea
Aug 22, 2016
The arbitral panel had an opportunity to chart a constructive approach to one of the foremost legal questions of the Asia-Pacific. However, where it should have chosen to foster mutually cooperative tendencies on ill-understood provisions of the law, the award performed a disservice with consequences that will reverberate for a considerable time to come.
Peace & Security
The Role of Security Assistance in Washington’s Pivot to Southeast Asia
Aug 26, 2016
Security assistance is a tangible means of bolstering partner nations’ ability to fend off Chinese maritime coercion. If the U.S. truly seeks to shift its strategic weight to the Asia-Pacific, it must consider ways to rebalance its security assistance programs to enable its maritime Southeast Asian partners, as they defend the front lines.
Finance & Economy
USCBC Survey: Slowing Growth, Policy Uncertainty Impact Confidence
Aug 25, 2016
The US-China Business Council has released the key findings of its 2016 annual member survey. For the past 11 years, USCBC has polled its members on their business performance in China and their priority issues.
Foreign Policy
A Line In the Sea
Aug 22, 2016
It is unlikely that the decision by The Hague on the Philippines case will settle all of these matters. That said, one can envision a path forward, beginning with an immediate freeze on all activities in the disputed territories. That would lower tensions, allowing everyone to take a deep breath.
Foreign Policy
More Positive Energy Needed in Sino-U.S. Ties
Aug 18, 2016
Difference and rivalry exist between China and the US, but it is also true that they share common interests and need cooperation. This “rivalry plus cooperation” relationship will continue, despite talk of war that some fear could develop into a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Finance & Economy
China, Central Asia, and Conspiracy Theories
Aug 17, 2016
Incomprehension of the Chinese foreign policy goals in Central Asia by local elites, in addition to a historic legacy of confrontation between the Chinese empire and Central Asian nomadic tribes, serves as a fertile ground for the popularisation of speculative knowledge. As a result, Chinese initiatives in the region are clouded by rumours and conspiracies.
Finance & Economy
Leading the Way for World Economic Growth
Aug 16, 2016
Despite challenging times, by embracing innovation the Hangzhou G20 Summit will help bring about sustainable, strong and balanced global growth and chart a new direction for world economic development, namely, towards an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy.
Foreign Policy
Trump, Clinton and Washington's China Policy
Aug 10, 2016
Rather than focusing on the nominees’ rhetoric, Professor Timothy Webster explores their actions vis-à-vis China and the international economy during their respective careers. Whoever wins in November, the next administration will likely enact a China policy stressing economic engagement, person-to-person interaction, and cooperation on a wide range of global challenges — despite fundamental disagreements with China about a number of issues.
Finance & Economy
China-U.S. BIT Could Be a Treat to the Global Economy
Aug 11, 2016
Despite US claims that China has too many restrictions on investment, and a US election year that’s elevated anti-trade forces, both countries have every reason to move quickly to complete a bilateral trade agreement.