US-China Trade and Economic Relations Forum:
What Now, What Next

This is a high-level international conference that brings together politicians, former heads of government, senior diplomats, business leaders and renowned scholars of different countries to explore the current status and prospects of Sino-US relations in a two-track discussion.


The forum coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of US-China diplomatic relations and follows the recent G20 summit where a consensus for continued negotiation was reached by US and Chinese leaders on June 29, 2019.

This high-level, non-governmental exchange strives to promote US-China relations by looking for ways to meet the current challenges and be a driving force for future cooperation and stability.

The forum will bring together the wisdom and strength of the international community and allow many voices converge on the critical issues of multilateralism, free trade, and long-term global economic growth.


The forum is a free and open dialogue. It focuses on the issues of economic and trade relations, intellectual property rights, multilateral and liberalized trade, open markets and global governance, as well as the prospects and future development of Sino-US relations.



Day One (July 9, Tuesday)

0900-1030 Opening Session

Welcome remarks:
Tung Chee-hwa(董建華), Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Founder of CUSEF(全國政協副主席,中美交流基金會創辦人)

Keynote remarks:

Jean Chretien, Former Prime Minister of Canada;
Yasuo Fukuda, Former Prime Minister of Japan;
Ed Feulner, Chairman, Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation;
Zeng Pei Yan(曾培炎), Chairman of CCIEE, Former Vice Premier of the PRC(中國國際經濟交流中心主席,前國務院副總理)

1050-1230 Session 1: US-China Trade and Economic Relations

Keynote remarks:
William Daley, Former US Secretary of Commerce;
Zhang Xiao-Qiang(張曉強), Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of CCIEE(中國國際經濟交流中心執行副董事長兼首席執行官)
Stephen Roach, Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs and Senior Lecturer at Yale University School of Management                    

Panel discussion:
Cao De Rong(曹德榮), President, China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CFNA); (中國食品土畜進出口商會會長)
Mark Kirk, Former U.S. Senator;
Lawrence Lau(劉遵義), Ralph and Claire Landau Professor of Economics, Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics  and Finance, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; (經濟學家,香港中文大學高等金融研究院理事會主席)
John Zhao(趙令歡), President, Hony Capital(弘毅投資總裁);
Victor Fung (馮國經) (moderator), Group Chairman, Fung Group(利豐集團榮譽主席);

1330-1500 Panel 2: Investment Environment and Technological Innovation

Keynote remarks:
Ma Xiu Hong(馬秀紅), President, China Council for International Investment Promotion(中國國際投資促進會會長);
Jeremie Waterman, President, China Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce;
Wang Chang Lin(王昌林), Vice President, Academy of Macroeconomic Research of National Development and Reform Com mission(發改委宏觀院常務副院長);

Panel Discussion:
Neil Shen(沈南鵬), Founding Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital China(中國紅杉資本創始人及合夥人);
Tian Lipu(田力普), President, Chairman of the China Intellectual Property Society(中國知識產權研究會理事長);
Jerry Guo(郭濤), Vice President, Qualcomm(高通副總裁);
Zhao Chang Wen(趙昌文), Director General, Industrial Economy Department of Development Research Center of the St ate Council(國務院發展研究中心產業部部長);
Zhou Bing(周兵), Vice President of Dell Technologies(戴尔科技集团全球副总裁,大中华区政府事务部总经理);
Wei Jian Guo(魏建國) (moderator), Vice Chairman, CCIEE(國經中心副理事長);


1520-1630 Panel 3: Macro Policies

Keynote remarks:
Jan Berris, Vice President, National Committee on United States-China Relations;
Zhu Guang Yao(朱光耀), Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Finance(財政部前副部長);

Panel Discussion:

Jeffery Lehman, Inaugural Vice Chancellor, NYU Shanghai;
Clayton Dube, Director of USC U.S.-China Institute, a program of USC Annenberg;
Fu Yuning(傅育寧), Chairman, China Resources Holding Limited(華潤控股有限公司董事長);
Liu Shangxi(劉尚希), President, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences(中國財政科學研究院院長);
Nan Cunhui(南存輝), Vice Chairman, China Federation of Industry(全國工商聯副主席);
Chen Wen Ling(陳文玲) (moderator), Chief Economist, CCIEE(國經中心總經濟師);

1630-1810 Panel 4: Cooperation: Perspectives from Texas and US Heartland

Keynote remarks:
David Firestein, President, George HW Bush Foundation for US-China Relations;
Bob Holden, President of the United States Heartland China Association ;
Jeff Moseley, CEO, Texas Association of Business;
Jimmy Flannigan, Councilmember, City of Austin;

Panel Discussion:

Marina Bhargava, CEO, Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce;
Will Nichols, Project Engineer, Core Engineering;
Andrew Carranco, Board Member, Laredo Chamber of Commerce;
Li Xu, Founder, International M&A ;
Robbin Goodman (moderator), Director, Business Programs and Corporate Affairs, George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.- C hina Relations.


Day Two (July 10, Wednesday)

0830-1020  Session 2: US-China Relations: Now and Beyond

Keynote remarks
Neil Bush, Chairman, The George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations;
William Owens, Executive Chairman, Red Bison Advisory Group, Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;
Tung Chee-hwa, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Peop le's Republic of China, Chairman of CUSEF;
Zhou Wen Zhong(周文重), Member of Advisory Committee, Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), Vice President, the Sino-Americ an Friendship Association (SAFA) (博鼇亞洲論壇諮詢委員會委員、中美友好協會副會長)

Panel Discussion:

Karl Eikenberry, Director, the U.S.-Asia Security Initiative, Stanford University;
David Lampton, Oksenberg-Rohlen Fellow, Stanford University, Asia-Pacific Research Center;
Qi Zhen Hong(戚振宏), President, China Institute of International Studies (CIIS)(中國國際問題研究院院長);
Yang Jie Mian(楊潔勉), Senior Research Fellow, Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS)(前上海國際問題研究院院長);
Vali Nasr, Professor, International Politics at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies;
Ronnie Chan(陳啟宗) (moderator), Chairman, Hang Lung Properties(恒隆集團董事長);

1040-1220  Session 3: The Future of Globalization, Multi-lateralism and Global Governance

Keynote remarks:
Jean Chretien, Former Prime Minister of Canada;
Goh Chok Tong, Emeritus Senior Minister, Republic of Singapore;
Max Baucus, Ambassador ;

Panel Discussion:

Chas Freeman (video), Senior Fellow at Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Fu Xiang Sheng(傅向升), Vice President, China Petroleum and chemical industry association (CPCIF) (中國石油和化學工業聯合會副會長) ;
Wang Ning(王寧), President, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce(CECC)(中國電子商會會長);
Xu Hai Dong(徐海東), Press Spokesman, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers(中國汽車工業協會新聞發言人);
Brent Young(楊彬), Vice President of Intel, Director of Intel China Corporate Strategy Office(英特爾副總裁,中国战略办公室总经理);
Wang Hui Yao(王輝耀) (moderator), President, Center for China and Globalization(全球化智庫主席);