Jeremie Waterman

Jul 08 , 2019

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Jeremie Waterman - President of the China Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Jeremie O. Waterman is president of the China Center and vice president for Greater China at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Waterman is responsible for developing and executing Chamber policy initiatives in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mongolia as well as steering the Chamber’s policy work in the Asia Pacific region.

In carrying out the Chamber’s Greater China agenda, Waterman directs its trade and investment policy advocacy and initiatives in the areas of investment, innovation, intellectual property rights, financial services, agriculture, health care, energy and environment, and corporate governance and social responsibility.

Waterman has pioneered a number of Chamber business initiatives focused on China, such as the U.S.-China CEO Dialogue and the newly created China Center. He is frequently quoted in the media on a broad range of China issues relating to international business and trade policy and is a periodic guest on news programs.

Before joining the Chamber, Waterman worked for five years at the US-China Business Council as director for government affairs. He also served at the Office of the United States Trade Representative in the offices of Congressional Affairs and Africa.

Waterman received a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Boston and is a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles. He and his wife have two children.

王傑 — 美國商會中國中心主任

王傑(Jeremie Waterman)是美國商會中國中心主任和大中華區副主任。王傑負責籌劃和執行美國商會在中國大陸、香港、台灣和蒙古國的政策倡議,並主管商會在亞太地區的政策工作。