William M. Daley

Jul 08 , 2019

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William M. Daley -- Vice Chairman, BNY Mellon

William Daley is Vice Chairman with oversight of Government Affairs, Corporate Communications, Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility for BNY Mellon. He is a member of the company’s Executive Committee.

Bill is responsible for leading the company’s reputational and corporate social responsibility initiatives to make BNY Mellon a better partner to its regulators, clients, employees and communities. His role is critical to ensuring BNY Mellon remains a global leader in the industry and a trusted corporate citizen.

He has spent his career at the intersection of business, government and public service, and is well-known and respected in business and economic circles. His distinguished career includes two cabinet-level appointments - Chief of Staff to President Obama in 2011-2012, and Secretary of Commerce during the Clinton administration from 1997-2000. In 2000, he coordinated the effort for permanent Normal Trade Relations with China and chaired Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign.

In addition to his time in public service, Bill also held several high-level executive positions in the private sector, including, most recently, Managing Partner and Head of US Operations for Argentière Capital. He has also served as Vice Chair, Chairman of the Midwest Region and Head of the Office of Corporate Responsibility for JP Morgan Chase (2004-2011) and President of SBC Communications (now known as AT&T) from 2001-2004. Bill is a recognized authority on business and economic growth, global competitiveness and international trade.

He serves on the boards of a number of corporate, academic, medical, charitable and civic organizations, including Advance Illinois, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Innovation Foundation, Inc. and the Third Way. He also serves on the MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University and a law degree from John Marshall Law School.

威廉·M·戴利 —— 紐約梅隆銀行副主席

威廉·M·戴利(William M Daley)是紐約梅隆銀行負責政府事務、企業交流、慈善與企業社會責任的副主席。他同時是該公司執行委員會成員之一。



除了獻身公共事業外,戴利先生還曾在私營部門擔任過若干高級別執行職務,包括最近在Argentiere Capital出任常務合伙人及美國分部負責人。他還擔任過Midwest Region副主席、主席,2004年至2011年期間擔任摩根大通企業責任辦公室主任,2001年至2004年期間出任SBC通訊(現名美國電話電報公司,AT&T)總裁。戴利先生是商業與經濟增長、全球競爭力和國際貿易領域的知名權威。

他在若干企業、學術、醫療、慈善以及公民組織中擔任董事會成員,包括Advance Illinois, 戰略與國際研究中心,芝加哥全球事務委員會、創新基金股份有限公司和智庫Third Way。他同時還是MD安德森癌症中心的監事會成員之一。