Jan Berris

Jul 08 , 2019

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Jan Berris -- Vice President, National Committee on United States-China Relations

Jan Berris has been with the National Committee on United States-China Relations since 1971 — beginning as program associate, moving on to program director, and then vice president. She is responsible for overseeing all program activities of the Committee.  This includes being actively involved in preparation and operations for the visits to the United States of hundreds of Chinese delegations (including the 1972 Chinese Ping Pong Team, the first PRC group to visit the United States), and sending hundreds of American delegations to Greater China (she has traveled to the PRC over 165 times since 1973, with people and groups as diverse as a Supreme Court Justice and a tennis team).  She has also developed some of the National Committee’s ongoing flagship programs as the Public Intellectuals ProgramU.S. Foreign Policy ColloquiumYoung Leaders Forum, Barnett-Oksenberg Lecture, and the Committee’s Track II projects. At the request of the State Department, she coordinated Chinese press activities during Premier Deng Xiaoping's February 1979 visit to the United States, and has been the lead for the Committee’s hosting of major welcoming events for all of the senior-most Chinese leaders.

Prior to her work at the Committee, Ms. Berris was a foreign service officer — stationed at the American Consulate in Hong Kong (as the assistant and acting Cultural Affairs Officer) and in Washington, D.C.  

She held several part time jobs before joining the Foreign Service, among them assistant to Professor Richard H. Solomon, during which time she helped research his book Mao's Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture.

Ms. Berris has a B.A. in Chinese studies (University of Michigan, June 1966) and an M.A. in Japanese studies (University of Michigan, June 1967).  She speaks Chinese, Hebrew, and Spanish — in descending levels of fluency.

Ms. Berris has written articles for various publications and contributed chapters to several books on China.

白莉娟 —— 美中關係全國委員會副會長

白莉娟(Jan Berris)自1971年加入美中關係全國委員會,從項目助理成為項目主管,並最終擔任副會長。她負責管理委員會的所有項目活動。她積极參与籌備和組織了數百個中國代表團對美國的訪問(包括1972年的中國乒乓球代表團,這也是首個訪問美國的中華人民共和國代表團),以及數百個美國代表團訪問大中華區(她自1973年以來共165次到訪中國,她陪同的人員包括從最高法院大法官到網球選手的美國各界人士)。她還發起了一些委員會迄今仍在運作的王牌項目,包括公共知識分子項目、美國外交政策研討會、青年領袖論壇、鮑大可-奧克森伯格講座,以及委員會的民間外交軌項目。應美國國務院之邀,她負責協調1979年2月鄧小平副總理訪美期間的中國媒體活動,她還負責組織委員會對中國所有高級別官員的歡迎活動。


在開始外交工作前,她曾擔任理乍得·H·所羅門教授的助理,並協助其完成著作《毛的革命和中國政治文化》(Mao's Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture)。