Clayton Dube

Jul 08 , 2019

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Clayton Dube -- Director, USC U.S.-China Institute

Clayton Dube heads the USC U.S.-China Institute ( The institute focuses on the multidimensional and evolving U.S.-China relationship. Dube was trained as a historian, working on modern Chinese economic history. He lived in China for five years and has visited over sixty times for research, to lead delegations, or to lecture. Dube has long been committed to working to inform public discussion of U.S.-China ties. He was associate editor of the academic journal Modern China and editorial director for the online magazines AsiaMedia, Asia Pacific Arts, and US-China Today. He’s produced documentary films, including the institute’s twelve-part Assignment: China series on American reporting on China from the 1940s to today. Dube writes the institute’s Talking Points newsletter. He’s earned teaching awards at three universities.

杜克雷, 主任,南加州大学美中学院