Liu Shangxi

Jul 08 , 2019

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Liu Shangxi -- President of Chinese Academy of Financial Sciences

Mr. Liu Shangxi currently serves as the CPC Party Secretary and President of Chinese Academy of Financial Sciences,and is a Economics, a researcher and a Ph.D. Supervisor. Mr. Liu is member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, State-Council Allowance Obtained Expert, national expert of "New Century Talents Project", National Cultural Eminent Master, Talent for "Four Batches Projects", Talent of the “National High-level Talents Special Support Program”, member of College Philosophy and Social Sciences (Marxism Project) Expert Committee. Mr. Liu has been appointed to participate in numerous forums, seminars and conferences hosted by the state leaders, the State Council, the National People's Congress and the CPPCC National Committee
Mr. Liu has innovative exploration and research in income distribution, public risk, financial risk, public finance, macroeconomics and public governance. His works include but not limited to: "The Theory on Public Risk","The Circulation Theory on Income Allocation",etc.

劉尚希 —— 中國財政科學研究院黨委書記兼院長