Wang Changlin

Jul 08 , 2019

13. Wang Changlin.jpg

Wang Changlin -- Executive Vice President of Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research

Wang Changlin, research fellow, Executive Vice President of Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research (Academy of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission), Vice Chairman of China Hi-tech Industry Development Promotion Association, Doctoral supervisor of Chinese academy of social sciences graduate school.

Main research areas are macroeconomics, industrial economy, innovation strategy and policy, etc. In recent years, Professor Wang Changlin has successively be in charge of over 30 major research projects entrusted by related governmental agencies, participated in drafting several vital documents. Prof. Wang has published more than 60 articles in journals and newspapers, like Macroeconomics, Economic Daily, Guangming Daily, etc. His publications also include books, like Development Strategy and Policy for High-tech Industry, Improvement of Key competitiveness of High-tech Industry, Research Report on Industrial Development in China, Innovation Capability of Industrial Technology in China, China's Innovation System in the 21st Century, Knowledge Economy and Economic Development in China, Science Technology and Economic Development, Policies for Technological Innovation in China since the 1980s, etc. Prof. Wang has been awarded Second Prize of Outstanding Works at provincial/ministerial level for 4 times, and his research results have been approved by central leaders for many times.