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Has Washington ‘Lost It’ Toward China? Clearly and Ominously, Yes

Apr 23 , 2015

Has the American foreign policy establishment and the Obama administration “lost it,” becoming completely irrational if not delusional when it comes to China? Hard as this is to imagine, the signs all point to yes.

In recent months, actions and words from Obama administration officials, from prestigious U.S. foreign policy associations, American academics, and “think tanks,” have been such as to unambiguously validate Beijing’s suspicions about U.S. strategy and intentions toward China. These suspicions were summarized by former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd in the April 16 Financial Times:

“In Beijing’s eyes, the US is deeply opposed to China’s rise. A document circulated among the Communist party leadership last year summed up the consensus view. American strategy towards China, it said, had five objectives: to isolate the country, contain it, diminish it, divide it and sabotage its political leadership.”

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