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Commentaries by Zhong Wei

Zhong Wei

Professor, Beijing Normal University

Zhong Wei is Professor of Economics at Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Director of the Research Center for International Finance, BNU.
  • Jul 10 , 2017

    The bubbles in both finance and property are growing too big. The ordinary real economy is increasingly unable to bear the over-expansion of finance and property of the past 10 years. And NASDAQ is the most precarious bubble of all.

  • Apr 28 , 2017

    Despite China’s struggle to identify new drivers of growth, there are many positive indicators in the economy right now. We should be more result-focused and open-minded about China’s economic pursuit, and be willing to see the positive side while weighing the country’s economic future.

  • Feb 28 , 2017

    The new US president has demonstrated his ability to act and a sense of urgency to “Make America Great Again” through a flurry of executive orders, and he will recognize that the United States and China, the two most important countries in the 21st century, can work to ensure that the American Dream and the Chinese Dream will go hand in hand with no contradiction.

  • Aug 05 , 2016

    It’s dangerous to assume that globalization and economic exchanges can override rivalry in the field of security, and China needs to accept and handle that rivalry while maintaining a medium-to-high rate of economic growth during the economic “new normal” stage. Without a robust economy, China will not be able to unite its people to win competition among big nations.

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