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Is a Mini–stimulus Necessary For Stabilizing the Economy?

Ding Yifan, Deputy Director, China Development Research Center

As the Chinese government has given up its large-scale economic stimulus, China’s economy and demand will not grow rapidly, writes Ding Yifan.

Why Congress Should Pass the EB-5 Regional Center Extension Act and its Impact on Chinese Investment in America

Dan Redford, VP, Investor Relations for Civitas Capital Group

It is extraordinarily important, according to Dan Redford, to permanently extend the EB-5 visa program. Redford argues that this program helps build a healthier U.S. economy, as well as strengthens the United States’ role as the world’s leading economic innovator.

“Win-Win” or Win-Lose? The Case of Fisker Automotive and the Wanxiang Group

Tom Watkins, Advisor, University of Michigan Confucius Institute

While recent investments by Chinese firms looking to make inroads in the American automobile market, and particularly Detroit, could appear as an indication of China reaping the benefits of an economically depressed U.S. auto industry, there is also evidence that these developments are of mutual benefit to everyone involved.

China’s Monetary Policy in the Second Half of the Year

Yi Xianrong, Researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

The decision of China’s central bank to pursue “directional drop quasi” means a reduction of the reserve requirement ratio, support will be given to the development of agriculture and small businesses, and there will be more regulation of China’s financial market. However, this quantitative policy instrument will be limited in its ability to enhance services for the real economy.

The Hidden Costs of Doing Business in Mexico

Fernando Menéndez, principal of Cordoba Group Int'l LLC

Mexico has enormous economic potential and could play a significant role in labor-intensive production, but the cost of doing business there remains high. In breaking with the past, Mexico has opened up its economy. However, a large informal sector, low levels of commercial lending, and a lack of competition offset the benefits of Mexico’s low-cost labor.

Evaluate TPP Comprehensively and Objectively

Zhou Shijian, senior fellow, Tsinghua Center for US-China Relations

Evaluate TPP Comprehensively and Objectively

Is the U.S. turning the World Trade Organization into an “empty house”? Zhou Shijian answers this question as he analyzes the current progress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and U.S. trade with the Asia-Pacific.

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