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China’s Environmental Mess Creates Global Opportunity

Tom Watkins, advisor, University of Michigan Confucius Institute

Due to China’s rapid economic growth, the country is now incurring the hazardous effects of its accruing environmental damage. China’s environmental problems are exacerbated by global demand. The U.S. and China can attain mutual benefits by collaboratively cleaning up China’s eco-system. China should also capitalize on innovative green technologies to develop the interior and the west of the country.

China’s Growing Cyber Security Concerns

Li Zheng, Assistant Researcher, CICIR

The issue of cyber warfare and other cyber security incidents is becoming a serious problem for China, and is causing problems with its relations with foreign powers. In particular, China and the US have seen an increase in tensions due to cyber security issues initiated by US intelligence. The two powers should cooperate to avoid future cyber related conflicts.

The RMB Exchange Rate and Sino-US Ties

Ding Yifan, Deputy Director, China Development Research Center

In the future, Americans may not worry about the Yuan being undervalued, but will rather worry that a rapidly appreciated Yuan may erode the dollar’s supremacy and thus share the benefits enjoyed by the traditional international reserve currency, writes Ding Yifan.

Where Is the Breakthrough in Asia’s Regional Cooperation Strategy?

Zhang Monan, researcher, China Int'l Economic Exchanges Center

Bi-lateral and multi-lateral Free Trade Agreements are becoming increasingly important in maximizing regional and international trade. Due to the immense size of China, South Korea and Japan’s economies, it is important that all three negotiate and develop a China-South Korea-Japan Free Trade Area. Increased trade between the three will lead to increases in the size of all of their economies.

No Sign of China Central Bank Monetary Policy Change In Near Future

Yi Xianrong, researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

China’s central bank will not change its monetary policy in the near future, but will rather keep a steady but tight policy to get both credit and monetary growth back on track. This could be the keynote of China central bank monetary policy for 2014, writes Yi XIanrong.

The Toll of China’s Slowdown Depends on Latin America’s Policy Choices

Fernando Menéndez, an economist and principal of Cordoba Group International LLC

Many Latin American countries have experienced record levels of growth in the last decade due to high prices of commodities, however, few planned for the future. As China slows and US desire for petroleum lessens, the economies of many Latin American countries that have failed to diversify their economies away from a single commodity are slowing drastically.

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