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China’s Growth Puzzle

Stephen S. Roach, faculty member at Yale University

Stephen Roach states that China’s slowing GDP growth is a natural result of a rebalancing of the Chinese economy. However, China’s recent economic growth has lead to an unbalanced codependency of China and the US. Thus, Roach believes that the US should adopt a new growth strategy, based on saving and investing in people, infrastructure, and capacity.

Should China Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks?

Dan Steinbock, Research Director, India China and America Institute

In Beijing, many observers regard the TPP as the economic counterpart of U.S. rebalancing in Asia to contain China’s rise. On the other hand, if Beijing would participate in the talks, it could conceivable influence both the process and the future shape of the proposed trade pact.

Two Roads, But One Destination?

Shao Yuqun, Director of Center for American Studies, SIIS

Shao analyzes the US’ “New Silk Road Initiative” and China’s “Silk Road Economic Belt,”and concludes that though having differences, they go in the same direction: acceleration of regional economic cooperation.

APEC: A China-US Opportunity to Focus on the Battle of the “Little BRIC”

Curtis Chin, former US ambassador to the Asian Development Bank

Curtis S. Chin notes that this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, which is set to be held in Beijing this fall, has great potential to bring together U.S. and Chinese officials to shape an agenda for continued economic growth.

Which Path for China in Latin America’s Development?

Fernando Menéndez, principal of Cordoba Group Int'l LLC

Following the Community of Latin American and Carribean States (CELAC) summit held in Havana, Cuba at the end of January, Fernando Menéndez analyzes two potential paths for Latin America’s development and explores China’s future role in the region.

Canada Closes Its Doors for Immigrant Investors: A Boon For America?

Dan Redford, Director of China Operations for FirstPathway Partners

After nearly two years at a standstill, Canada’s immigrant investor program, which was flooded by applicants from Mainland China, is set to come to a close with the possibility of reopening sometime in the near future. As Dan Redford explains, the closing of Canada’s program could be a catalyst for EB5 visas, a similar investment program in the United States.

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