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Which Path for China in Latin America’s Development?

Fernando Menéndez, principal of Cordoba Group Int'l LLC

Following the Community of Latin American and Carribean States (CELAC) summit held in Havana, Cuba at the end of January, Fernando Menéndez analyzes two potential paths for Latin America’s development and explores China’s future role in the region.

Canada Closes Its Doors for Immigrant Investors: A Boon For America?

Dan Redford, Director of China Operations for FirstPathway Partners

After nearly two years at a standstill, Canada’s immigrant investor program, which was flooded by applicants from Mainland China, is set to come to a close with the possibility of reopening sometime in the near future. As Dan Redford explains, the closing of Canada’s program could be a catalyst for EB5 visas, a similar investment program in the United States.

The Growing Pains of China’s Shadow Banking System

Michael Justin Lee, Lecturer, University of Maryland

The Growing Pains of China's Shadow Banking System

Following concerns voiced at the World Economic Forum in Davos about China’s burgeoning shadow banking system, Michael Justin Lee examines the role of financial entities that don’t fall under direct bank regulation within market economies and argues that fears of China’s economic downfall are overblown.

Coming Out of the Shadows: Why China Needs a Lehman Moment

Minxin Pei, Prof. of government at Claremont McKenna College

The turmoil surrounding China’s shadow banking system is easily understood as more than $1 trillion worth of debt is set to mature in the system before May. However, as Minxin Pei points out, China’s new leadership must turn shadow banking’s impending crisis into a strategic opportunity and face short-term pain to prevent the triggering of a domino-style collapse.

It’s Official: China Is Becoming a New Innovation Powerhouse

David Wertime, senior editor of Tea Leaf Nation, the FP Group

The world’s factory is turning into an R&D machine — and fast catching up with America. Beijing is urgently looking for ways of designing its own products rather than manufacturing someone else’s. Put another way, it wants to shift from making iPhones to inventing them.

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