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Brazil’s China Syndrome


Trade between Brazil and China has flourished over the past decade. However, the current trade relationship may be disrupted as Brazil recognizes the benefits of adding value along its supply chain, giving way to more opportunities for the United States to build upon its economic relationship with Latin America’s largest emerging market.

NPC: China Continues to Make Significant Contributions to World Recovery

He Weiwen, Co-director, China-US/EU Study Center, CAIT

China’s former model of growth is not sustainable and balanced. China has to shift its growth model to one that is quality-based, environment-friendly, and consumption-driven, writes He Weiwen.

Chinese Trade with Africa Hits Record High

Robert I. Rotberg, Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Int'l Center

Last year, trade between China and Africa hit a record high of $200 billion with a 44% increase in Chinese direct investment to the continent. While United States trade with the continent pales in comparison, amounting to less than $100 billion in trade annually, Sino-African trade is expected to increase as the Chinese economy and Africa’s development become further intertwined.

The Service Sector Is Key to China’s Trade Upgrade

Zhang Monan, Researcher, China Int'l Economic Exchanges Center

China’s long-standing advantage in cheap labor, land, resources and the environment cannot last, let alone lead to great achievements, writes Zhang Monan.

Pathways to Asia Pacific Regional Economic Integration

Tang Guoqiang & Wang Zhenyu

Asia Pacific economic cooperation is an essential part of today’s globalization process, however the process is at a crossroads with both TPP and RCEP under negotiation, write Tang Guoqiang and Wang Zhenyu.

Riding the Rails in China

Tom Watkins, Advisor, University of Michigan Confucius Institute

Tom Watkins explores the incredible growth of China’s rail system and argues that America would be right to build reliable rail system of its own.

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