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Why is the US Worried about Xi Jinping’s Latin America Trip?

Dong Chunling & Sun Chenghao, CICIR

Why is the US Worried about Xi Jinping’s Latin America Trip?

China’s strengthening cooperation with Latin American countries will benefit regional economic prosperity and development, and is also in the interest of the US, according to Dong Chunling and Sun Changhao.

Highlights of Xi’s Journey to Latin America

Wu Baiyi, Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Highlights of Xi’s Journey to Latin America

President Xi Jinping’s recent trip to Latin America underscored four aspects of China’s outreach efforts to Latin America. To expand South-South cooperation, to promote multi-polarity, to hedge against risks and challenges to future development by enhancing BRICS and Latin American cooperation, and to improve the provision of international public goods.

Not Too Late for Obama to Leave a Bold Legacy to History

George Koo, Director, New America Media

Not Too Late for Obama to Leave a Bold Legacy to History

Obama has an opportunity to break from the past and make a brilliant mark in history by curtailing his administration’s pivot to Asia, writes George Koo.

Pointless Lying about US China Policy

Justin Logan, Director of Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute

As the United States takes action, diplomatically and militarily, in the Asian region, the US has been seen as attempting to contain China. Justin Logan assesses this claim, and introduces the idea that the United States is indeed acting to contain China not so much economically, but militarily.

China Courts South Korea: Opportunities and Risks for the United States

Ted Carpenter, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

President Xi Jingping’s recent visit to South Korea was a rebuff to North Korea’s defiance of China’s warnings not to conduct nuclear or missile tests. If the United States incentivizes the Chinese government to incur the risks of abandoning the North Korean regime, Beijing might be willing to dump Pyongyang and treat Seoul as its future partner on the Peninsula.

Xi’s Seoul Summit Sustains Seoul Ties

Richard Weitz, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Relations between China and South Korea continue to improve. Their two governments have developed a strong economic partnership and managed their security differences over North Korea and other issues well. Surveys of South Korean public opinion show a remarkable rise in popular assessments of China and its policies. Nevertheless, South Korea remains a reliable U.S. ally and security partner and Beijing’s options regarding Seoul are seriously constrained as long as China remains committed to sustaining North Korea as a buffer state.

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