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The Problem with Japan’s Historical Revisionism and its Impact on Sino-US Relations

Franz-Stefan Gady, Senior Fellow at the EastWest Institute

China trusts the United States to act rationally in Asia, but not so with Japan; its aggressive behavior is the real danger to China, writes Franz-Stefan Gady.

The “New Type of Major-Country Relationship” Is in Need of Support

Chen Xiangyang, Research Fellow, CICIR

The building of a “new-type of major-country relationship” between China and the United States will be more difficult in deeds than in rhetoric, writes Chen Xiangyang.

Towards a New Model of Major Power Relations

John Podesta, C.H. Tung, Samuel R. Berger, Wang Jisi

Towards a New Model of Major Power Relations

On Feb.20, 2014, at a co-sponsored public event, the Center for American Progress and the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation released a jointly produced report, “U.S.-China Relations: Toward a New Model of Major Power Relationship.”

China-US Cooperation Needs More Two-way Traffic and Focus on Real Big Issues

Xue Junying, researcher, China Foundation for International Studies

Xue Junying discusses Secretary Kerry’s recent visit to China, highlighting the dialogue that praised China-U.S. cooperation in combatting climate change.

Canada Closes Its Doors for Immigrant Investors: A Boon For America?

Dan Redford, Director of China Operations for FirstPathway Partners

After nearly two years at a standstill, Canada’s immigrant investor program, which was flooded by applicants from Mainland China, is set to come to a close with the possibility of reopening sometime in the near future. As Dan Redford explains, the closing of Canada’s program could be a catalyst for EB5 visas, a similar investment program in the United States.

Respect for China’s Right to Development Is Essential

Wu Zurong, researcher at China Foundation for International Studies

Rather than issue empty statements about China’s rise, the US should put its slogan into practice, writes Wu Zurong.

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