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For most of his administration, Obama’s foreign policy followed the disastrous course left by his predecessor combined with his desire to offend the least number of his Congressional critics. George Koo provides four suggestions for Obama to make a positive course correction.


Even on controversial issues, cooperation—instead of confrontation—is key to finding solutions.


Indecisive western responses to China’s military parade invitation are based ultimately on their profound worries about the potential impacts that China’s development will exert on the political and economic patterns of the present-day world.

Only when people with vision in Japan take positive actions, and the entire international community successfully urge Japan to adopt a correct reading of history, will Japan’s relations with its East Asian neighbors be able to move forward into an era of mutual trust and respect.

In Chinese academic and policy circles, emotional attachment to North Korea is steadily draining away, which creates an opportunity for Washington to persuade the PRC to change its policy toward the nation.

While Iran must refrain from developing nuclear weapons for at least 10 years, the agreement means Iran can develop a nuclear program for peaceful use and enjoy the benefits of lifting of sanctions. The conclusion of the deal is a win-win outcome and the credit should go to all parties, and conservative critics in both countries must be convinced of the deal’s value.

President Xi Jinping will visit the United States in September, partaking in a high stakes, scripted, state dinner with President Obama and other dignitaries at the White House. The Chinese leader will be in the neighborhood for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations.

The view of mainstream Americans about China is the key to formulating any US grand strategy toward Beijing. Today, while some domestic politics has negative effects, we need more dialogues to enhance transparency and control third-party factors with prudent management and precaution.

Beyond search-and-rescue cooperation and crisis management, creating hotlines between China and the 10 ASEAN countries would carry a no less important symbolism: the consensus that the South China Sea issue is not an issue between them as a whole.

Some scholars say the much-talked-about New Model of Major-Country Relationship is being discarded before it even gets off the drawing board. But at the upcoming Xi-Obama meeting, common interests will stimulate common values, and strengthen the willingness to sail in the same ship.


The Sino-American ‘Grand Consensus’ that has benefited both for more than three decades is threatened by new realities and interests in the wake of China’s rise. Both countries must seek effective cooperation, not only to realize mutual benefits, but to jointly play a leadership role for the maintenance and reform of the current international system.

The recent amnesty that freed 155 Chinese loggers might calm Beijing and Kunming, effectively easing diplomatic tension between China and Myanmar. The move could also signal, however, that when it comes to the timber trade, it is business as usual.


Far from delivering the apology for Japan’s wartime aggression that the world awaited, the prime minister merely celebrated his country’s post-war contributions to a peaceful world. He failed to grasp the wisdom of some of his predecessors, that Japan must reflect sincerely on history so as to have a bright future, and building relations of trust with the rest of Asia should be given top priority in its pursuit of national interests.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s speech on the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII proves that he is master of words that couldn’t be reduced to substance.

Ling Wancheng

Those who have some knowledge of the Western legal system in general, and the American system in particular, can quickly tell that Beijing is using the wrong approach to repatriating its fugitives hiding in countries with which China has no extradition treaty.

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