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Why China’s Leaders See Corruption as a Mortal Threat
The anti-corruption drive -- the longest and most systematic in Chinese history -- is changing the way public officials do business. Any sensible official will now think twice before accepting a bribe.
Time to Show Resolve
China’s new leadership faces tough challenges at the third plenum of the 18th Central Committee with a focus on economic reforms. Minxin Pei writes that four policy priorities will dictate the success of China’s reforms: financial sector liberalization, an overhaul of the fiscal system, downsizing of state-owned enterprises, and abolition of the hukou system.
The Real Bo Xilai Story
In the United States, Bo Xilai’s “trial of the century” was reported as a spicy cocktail of sex, power and violence. The real story is about rapid economic development, generational change in politics, and the progress of the rule of law in China.
Institutionalize the Practice of Open Trial in the Case of Bo Xilai
The recent five-day trial of Bo Xilai has impressed the public for its fairness and transparency, Pro.Tong Zhiwei calls for China to take the opportunity to institutionalize the practices of public trial of cases and sublimate them into a rule governing the hearing of all cases by courts at all levels.
What did Bo’s Trial Tell us about China?
Many China watchers have remarked with hope about the degree of transparency in Bo Xilai’s trial under China's relatively new leadership. In this article, however, Steven Hill calls for greater governance and rule of law.
Bo Xilai’s Poisonous Legacy
China's new leadership has been hard-pressed to show a diligent crackdown on corruption and graft, and with the trial of former Communist Party chief of Chongqing Bo Xilai coming to an end many question whether this scandal will lead to reforms and address the social divisions exposed by his downfall.
Thorny Issues and Risks Behind Bo Xilai Case
With the Bo Xilai trial commencing this week, Chen Qun writes that corruption has become the primary evil that the government must tackle, as it has stood in the way of reform and opening-up and has become a mortal malady afflicting the popularity of the government and the Party.
Lucky Bo Xilai
The current prosecution of Bo Xilai clearly shows that the judicial system in China is moving out of political intervention and toward greater independence, more considerations to the person and greater fairness, writes Qin Xiaoying.
Bo Xilai Between the Dragon And His Wrath
After a year of delay, the trial of Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party secretary of Chongqing municipality, is finally about to begin. Ma Jian describes his real offense is that he challenged the Chinese Communist Party’s way of doing things.