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China’s Neighborhood Diplomacy in 2014
Following the first year of the new Chinese leadership’s time in power, Zhai Kun examines why tensions in the Asia-Pacific continue to increase and what can be done to promote regional stability and development without endangering the current US-China relationship.
Xi Jinping- Kerry
Sense and Sensibility of John Kerry’s Visit to China
Following U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s high-level meeting in Beijing, relations between China and the United States seem to be improving. As Su Xiaohui points out, this visit allowed officials from both sides to have constructive dialogue on a variety of problems and ease regional tensions between China, the United States and other nations in the Asia-Pacific.
China, US & Human Rights
The United States and China have different and distinct understandings and approaches over the issue of human rights, writes Liu Huawen.
U.S. Should Exercise Restraint in Asia-Pacific Territorial Disputes
While the U.S. government takes no official position regarding any particular territorial dispute in the Asia-Pacific, the Obama administration’s claims of disinterest are fooling no one.
Four Events in Sino-U.S. Relations to Watch in 2014
2013 was an important year for Sino-U.S. relations including many high-level visits and summits. However, in 2014, four ‘events’ may determine future relations. Qian Liwei explains the importance of the APEC Summit, Ambassador Baucus, BIT agreements and territorial disputes.
Sino-US Relations: Political Investment Brings Uneasy Stability
Could 2014 be a seminal year in the bilateral relationship between the United States and China? According to Da Wei, 2013 saw a posture of stabilization and growth between the nations and should serve as a future model to drive positive Sino-US relations.
Mission Possible: China-US Cooperation in Resolving the South Sudan Conflict
Ending the crisis in South Sudan will not only enhance benefits for Chinese economic interests, but will also be crucial for defending the US diplomatic reputation and strategic purpose in the region, writes He Wenping.
Possibility and Limit of Sino-US Cooperation on the Afghanistan Issue
Reconstruction of Afghanistan may be an important field of cooperation in the progression of Sino-US relations. While there are many areas of cooperation, Shao Yuqun also explains some areas of tension.
US Should Face Up to Reality of China
The China-US Asia-Pacific Consultations held in Beijing this week was inaugurated in 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to reflect the commitment by the two nations' leaders to build a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship. The proper phrase for which is building a new type of major country relationship. However, rhetoric and policies in Washington often do not reflect such a goal.
China Comes to the Caribbean
Is China engaging in a modern day version of dollar diplomacy? As Fernando Menéndez explains, China’s use of political and economic influence mirrors the previous intervention of the United States in Central America and the Caribbean.
US Rebalancing and Competition with China
In an excerpt from an article to be published in the first issue of the 2014 Fudan American Review, Cui Liru examines the United States’ rebalance to the Asia-Pacific and explains why China has become its strategic competitor in the region.
Beijing Braces for Afghanistan 2014
During the past dozen years, China’s economic and strategic interests in Afghanistan have grown considerably. Following U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, Richard Weitz discusses the potential for cooperation between Beijing and Washington in the region.
APEC at 25: China-US Cooperation is Key to the Future
This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, which will be held in China. While there is much to celebrate at this juncture, Wu Zhenglong points out that further cooperation between the US and China is key to APEC’s future success and the economic stability of member countries.
Join Hands For A Peaceful Middle East
In 2014, China and the US should cooperate on promoting security and stability in the Middle East, writes Wu Sike.
Can China and the US Transcend Thucydides’ Trap?
In the History of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides posits that the ascension of a rising power is typically accompanied by the fall of the ruling power. However, by exploring two unprecedented realities in today’s society, Peng Guangqian lays out the argument for why the US and China can coexist.
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