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Rebalancing Puts Brake on Better Relations

The US rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific has unsettled relations with China, and distrust between the two countries has deepened since the United States started relocating its massive military assets to the region.


What Asian Pivot?

What Asian Pivot?

United States allies in the Asia-Pacific nervously await Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to China, Japan and South Korea in early December, as they look for indications the Obama administration will continue its pivot to Asia. However, as Benjamin Friedman of the Cato Institute points out, the pivot is more symbolic than substantive.


China’s Peripheral Diplomacy for Community of Common Destiny

China’s Peripheral Diplomacy for Community of Common Destiny

China’s rapid rise to power has caught the attention of the world. China’s new diplomatic strategy of extending “olive branches” has some states worried and others intrigued. Can a balance be found between China’s national interests, the US pivot to Asia and the interests of regional actors such as ASEAN or Japan?


New Type of Relations between Two Great Reactive Powers in the Middle East

China and the U.S. are among the major powers with great influence in the Middle East, and the interactions between the two are highly relevant to the prospect of peace, stability and prosperity of the region. Now, that they both adhere to reactive policies in the Middle East, Jin Liangxiang argues the two countries should collaborate in the region.


China’s Periphery Diplomacy Initiative: Implications for China Neighbors and the United States

All eyes are on the Central Committee’s Third Plenum scheduled to open in Beijing on November 9 for details about China’s economic reforms. As attention focuses on domestic economic development, however, Chinese foreign policy also deserves notice.


Iranian Nuclear Negotiation May be a Win for All

If Rouhani is going to improve the Iranian economy, then he has to seek the cancellation or at the least the relaxation of sanctions by the West. In other words, the new Iranian President has to be more innovative and flexible in diplomatic policies, including the nuclear issue, writes He Wenping.

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