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Sino-US Ties of Major Concern before APEC Summit
As President Obama heads to China for the APEC Summit, Pang Zhongying states that a review of regional development in recent years has shown worrying signs in China-US relations.
Obama Is Back in Asia
With fears mounting that Washington has lost focus on Asia, Obama’s summit-filled trip to the region is an opportunity to reconnect with leaders and chart a clear course.
APEC at the Apex
The significance of the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Beijing consists not so much in what is on APEC’s agenda as in what transpires on the sidelines. Meetings between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama; as well as Xi’s meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe loom especially large.
US-China Relations: The Danger of Strategic Misjudgment
President Obama will head to Beijing in the coming days to attend the annual APEC summit on November 10 and 11. But perhaps the more important event on his agenda is the whole day meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on November 12. Compared to Obama’s first state visit to […]
Rising Eagle, Slumping Dragon?: Asia’s Shifting Balance of Power on Display at APEC Summit
When President Barack Obama visited Beijing five years ago, China had a weak leader, but a thriving economy. By contrast, President Obama, then viewed as a transformative leader, was riding a wave of goodwill and his party had the control of Congress. But the United States was in the middle […]
Kerry and Chinese Ambassador Strike Different Tones Ahead of Beijing Meetings
Secretary of State John Kerry and the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, are offering generally positive assessments of the U.S.-China relationship ahead of an important economic summit in Beijing later this month. Below the surface, though, clear divisions remain.   Kerry's speech Tuesday at the Johns Hopkins […]
What to Expect from Obama’s China Visit
During the upcoming APEC Summit in Beijing, President Xi Jinping and President Obama will touch upon a wide range of issues, global and bilateral. Here, Wu Jianmin lays out suggestions for what the two Presidents should cover.
Kerry: US-China Ties ‘Most Consequential in the World’
The U.S. and China relationship is the most consequential in the world today, period, Secretary of State John Kerry said during a speech in Washington, DC on Tuesday. “The U.S.-China relationship is the most consequential in the world today, period, and it will do much to determine the shape of […]
Engagement and Assurance: Debating the U.S.-Chinese Relationship
In “How China Sees America’s Moves in Asia,” Professor Lyle Goldstein highlights the disturbing conclusion of a recent essay by three Chinese analysts: China is under siege, pinned down by a U.S. strategy of “containment” that aims to encircle their country and undermine its security interests. Professor Goldstein is right […]
New Developments in the Asia-Pacific Strategic Landscape
Analyzing the six major players in the Asia-Pacific, Chen Xian yang discusses four aspects of new developments in the region.
The Axiom Report: Cybersecurity and Its Impact on China-US Relations
As President Barack Obama prepares to travel to Beijing this month to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the unresolved issue of cybersecurity continues to affect bilateral relations and increase tensions between the two nations.
China-US economic relations
Injects New Vitality into China-US Economic Relations
As the APEC leaders meeting in Beijing approaches, Yu Xiang examines current free trade negotiations and discusses why the United States and China should merge their regional agreements to boost economic relations between the world’s two largest economies.
Work for Benign Relations
Mirroring the Annenberg meeting between Xi Jinping and Barack Obama, this month’s meeting of APEC leaders in Beijing has the potential to reshape US-China relations.
The U.S. Should Not Fear Competing With China
On October 24, 21 Asian nations signed a memorandum to form a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, to be drawn on considerable Chinese funds. Behind the scenes, Washington had been trying to discourage South Korea and Australia from accepting a Chinese invitation to be among the founders. The effort was […]
China’s Best Play with the US and Its Asian Neighbors
How can Beijing manage relations with both the United States and its regional neighbors in the Asia-Pacific? Shi Yinhong examines China’s foreign policy and offers insight into both US-China relations and China’s relationship with other Asian nations.
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