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China’s Best Play with the US and Its Asian Neighbors
How can Beijing manage relations with both the United States and its regional neighbors in the Asia-Pacific? Shi Yinhong examines China’s foreign policy and offers insight into both US-China relations and China’s relationship with other Asian nations.
Overcoming ‘Abnormal Normality’ in the US-China Relationship
The China-U.S. relationship is undoubtedly one of the most important and unique bilateral relationships in contemporary world politics. Hence, any change or even fine tuning of the Sino-U.S. relationship can result in substantial consequences for nearby countries or even the world. The importance of this relationship comes from the size […]
China US
Time for Obama to Make a Peace Overture to China
Next month President Obama will be going to Beijing and he has the opportunity to make history and finally make good on the Nobel Peace Prize given to him rather prematurely at the beginning of his first term.
General Wesley Clark’s Fanciful China Analysis
In his “Getting Real About China” op-ed from the New York Times, General Wesley Clark describes China’s rise as a threat to the international system and U.S. hegemony. In contrast, Stephen Harner examines the assertions and explains why he hopes future administrations will not follow Gen. Clark’s advice.
China’s Small Exercise with Iran Reflects Big Calculations
China’s small naval exercise with Iran last month was unremarkable in its military importance but helps illustrate the larger strategic calculations facing Beijing as China tries to manage its trilateral relationship with Tehran and Washington.
What Can be Expected from Obama’s China Trip?
The US President Obama is scheduled to attend the annual APEC meeting and to visit China in early November. It gives the world an encouraging signal when Susan Rice said that Obama considers his visit as an important milestone in building important relations between China and the US, writes Wu Zurong.
Is The World Big Enough For the United States and China?
Tom Watkins argues that growing perceptions of fear and distrust in China’s economic and military rise threaten to destabilize the global order. However, the United States and China can continue to enhance bilateral relations and build mutual trust through the continued development of people-to-people exchanges in order for the two nations to find stability and prosper.
What Alibaba’s Record IPO will do for China-US Relations
Alibaba’s stellar NYSE IPO beat even the most optimistic expectations. The IPO is likely to forge close US-China economic and trade ties, and to further integrate the two economies, writes He Weiwen.
The China-US Relationship Is Basically Good
While many believe that the China-US relationship is passing through a rocky period and has dropped to a low point, Wu Jianmin suggests that the foundation of the relationship remains strong.
China, US agree to respect core interests
Refuting the “Disruptors of the Status Quo” in US-China Ties
Responding to a recent opinion editorial in The Washington Post, Stephen Harner writes that now is the time for U.S. leaders to join with disruptors of history, like Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, to proactively promote change in U.S.-China relations.
US Worrisome Approach to the South China Sea Situation
Only by getting to know China in an entirely new light, can the US formulate a sensible China policy and produce a win-win situation for both China and the US in the South China Sea, writes Wu Zurong.
How Midterm Elections Affect US Foreign Policy
Are electoral politics and the upcoming midterm elections distracting the Obama administration from its foreign policy priorities? Zhang Zhixin examines the political polarization impeding the U.S. Congress and questions the ability of the Obama administration to continue its rebalance to the Asia-Pacific in such a conflicted environment.
Hardening Competition with China—Implications for US Taiwan Policy
As the rivalry between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific continues, Taiwan will play an ever-increasing role in the Obama administration’s rebalance or pivot to the region. Robert Sutter explains recent congressional interest in Taiwan and lays out three reasons why existing U.S. policies will continue.
China: Contributor, Not a Freeloader
Responding to statements made by President Barack Obama in an interview with The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, Shen Dingli examines China’s contributions to the world order the United States has established and provides two reasons why China would be hesitant to act proactively in the international system.
Cooperation in Big Data Improves China-US Relations
Can cooperation on big data technology help improve Sino-U.S. relations? Yu Xiang examines this emerging sector and describes how cooperation on this issue could reduce tensions in other areas, like cyber-espionage.
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