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China’s Participation in Cobra Gold 2014: A Golden Opportunity for the United States?

Following China’s recent participation in the U.S.-led Cobra Gold exercise, Nicole Yeo explains how the U.S. military can bridge the gap between personal experiences from the exercises and their larger, intended implications for Sino-U.S. military relations.


Back to the Cold War? The US-China Military Competition

Reflecting on US-USSR relations during the Cold War, Mel Gurtov explains many exaggerations that policy analysts and US officials perceived were due to a Cold War mentality and points out that Sino-US relations may be impacted by similar misinterpretations today.


Why Are the Chinese Concerned About the United States’ ‘Return to Asia Pacific’?

Ma Shikun addresses China’s political and economic concerns over the United States’ “return to Asia Pacific” strategy. This unease centers around three factors: U.S. military deployments targeting China, U.S. collaboration with Shinzo Abe and Benigno S. Aquino III, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


A Blunder in US Public Diplomacy

A Blunder in US Public Diplomacy

Shao criticized the US media and Embassy’s responses to the recent terrorist attack in Kunming. He explained why the Chinese were angry about the Embassy’s statement, and what could the US learn from this diplomatic blunder.


Welcome to China, Mr. Baucus

As the new U.S. Ambassador to China, former Senator Max Baucus takes leadership over a prominent and historically significant foreign policy position.


On the 35th Anniversary of Sino-US Diplomatic Relations

On the 35th Anniversary of Sino-US Diplomatic Relations

Jin Canrong and Dong Chunling trace 35 years of Sino-US relations, and forecast opportunities for future cooperation in a new major power relationship.

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