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Pointless Lying about US China Policy
As the United States takes action, diplomatically and militarily, in the Asian region, the US has been seen as attempting to contain China. Justin Logan assesses this claim, and introduces the idea that the United States is indeed acting to contain China not so much economically, but militarily.
Discussions for a Smooth US-China Partnership
The recently concluded Strategic & Economic Dialogue, as well as the Consultation on People-to-People Exchange both provide opportunities for high-level annual institutional dialogue, writes Shen Dingli.
Strategic Reaffirmation on China-US Relations
China and the US have reaffirmed the right approach to manage their differences in the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange. However, both sides must translate their strategic consensus into actual policies. Some examples of policy areas deserving more attention include the Bilateral Investment Treaty, cooperation on climate change issues, and strengthened military-to-military relations.
Time to Acknowledge the Facts: U.S.-Chinese Cyber Security Talks
Despite the recent U.S. indictment of PLA officials on grounds of cyber-hacking, Dan Steinbock argues that the only way forward is for both the U.S. and China to acknowledge the facts of the matter and sincerely work to enhance bilateral relations.
Primer on Beijing’s Slice-and-Dice Approach to Energy and Climate Reform
Whenever U.S. and Chinese government officials meet to discuss opportunities for cooperation on energy and climate change, those discussions often boil down to questions about timing, at least from the U.S. perspective.
sixth S&ED
Powerful Questions Demand National Leaders’ Answers
The question “can we all get along?” as posed by Rodney King is echoed by Tom Watkins as he stresses that this sentiment should be applied to China-U.S. relations. Additionally, Watkins further stresses that the seeds for this cooperation already exist and the S&ED provides a forum to help foster this cooperation.
Cooperation is the Only Way Out for China and the U.S.
The upcoming China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue provides the perfect opportunity for the United States and China to effectively and efficiently cooperate on various issues that concern both nations’ interests individually, as well as collectively. Additionally, Wu Zurong believes that the U.S. should use the forum to scale back its seemingly hardline stance against China.
Why China Has Good Reason to Worry About the US Rebalance Strategy?
As the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue takes place, Zhang Zhixin discusses the current status of China-U.S. relations. Zhixin characterizes the U.S. as acting antagonistically toward China and cites various instances. He also emphasizes the importance of acting to quickly alleviate recent tensions between the two powers at this year’s S&ED.
Cyber Détente is Possible
As China and the U.S. prepare for the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing from 9-10 July 2014, they might usefully conduct a mutual stock taking of what went so horribly wrong in their cyber relationship and what they can do to redress it.
China-US Collaboration in APEC
Economic, trade and investment cooperation between China and the United States will make key contributions to an effective APEC and to the rest of the world, writes He Weiwen.
An Analysis of the “New Type of Major Country Relationship”
It is of essential significance to consistently enhance diplomatic relations with neighboring countries and improve good-neighborliness. Periphery strategy and diplomacy will always be important to China, writes Shi Yinhong.
Joint Studies on Sino-US Relations Are Necessary
A new report demonstrates that future relations between China and the US need not suffer a power conflict. Instead, as Wang Wenfeng notes, their cooperation should serve as an example for the international community.
Building Bridges: One Student At A Time
First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to China highlights the need to build-upon people-to-people exchanges to increase cross-cultural understanding between students in China and the United States. As Tom Watkins explains, two important initiatives are hoping to increase these types of exchanges through study abroad opportunities.
The Promise of Bangladesh Amid US and Chinese Rebalancing
Despite a rebalancing of the United States and China, Bangladesh’s ever-modernizing economy is anxious about the future.
Why China Avoids Confronting the U.S. in Asia
Following the annual meeting of China’s National People’s Congress, Robert Sutter analyses the current factors impeding Sino-U.S. relations and lays out suggestions for improving coordination and cooperation between the two major powers.
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