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Building on China-U.S. Cooperation at NPT Conference
As permanent members of the UN Security Council, Chinese and U.S. leaders should look beyond the recent deadlocked Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and use their next U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue to make further progress in promoting nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, and supporting the safe and secure peaceful use of nuclear energy.
A Comparison of Iranian and North Korean Nuclear Issues
The United States and China have differing strategies in dealing with Iranian and North Korean nuclear policy. Zhao Weibin highlights the Sino-U.S. diplomatic divergence in economic sanctions, disarmament processes, and ideology of national sovereignty, stressing that common interest in resolving this issue should spur a cooperative action plan.
Obama’s Nuclear Arms Agenda and its Implications for China
It is essential for the Obama administration to have close consultation with China and to take China’s security concerns into full consideration, especially at the time when strategic suspicion has grown because of US rebalancing strategy.