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  • Zhang Bei Assistant Research Fellow, China Institute of International Studies

    Jun 29 , 2017

    The vote is a rejection of the “Hard Brexit” plan to take the UK out of both the Single Market and the Customs Union, and allows for the first time wide-range, cross-party dialogue on the goals of Brexit and perhaps a real opportunity to form a consensus.

  • Curtis S. Chin Former U.S. Ambassador to Asian Development Bank

    Nov 07 , 2016

    Today, from American voters in an ugly U.S. election season to the rhetoric of newly elected Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, we are hearing widespread anger against the governing structures of our time, against inequality and elitism. This sense of disempowerment is real and understandable. But is globalization really the root of this? Our challenge, as individuals in this era of discontent, is to ensure that we can still come together to move forward and improve the lives of all.

  • Reuters

    Jul 25 , 2016

    The world's biggest economies will work to support global growth and better share the benefits of trade, policymakers said on Sunday after a meeting dominated by the impact of Britain's exit from Europe and fears of rising protectionism.

  • Feng Zhongping Vice president, China Institutes for Contemporary Int'l Relations

    Jul 21 , 2016

    China wishes both the EU and the UK prosperity and success in the future. With Brexit having little relevance in China-EU relations, it should not become a distraction in developing and improving ties.

  • Feng Zhongping Vice president, China Institutes for Contemporary Int'l Relations

    Jun 30 , 2016

    Longstanding frictions between London and Brussels came to a head with security and immigration issues. In the final analysis, the EU needs to bring itself closer to the masses, and respond positively to such public concerns as employment and security. That is the only way for the EU to retain support from member countries and sustain its vitality.

  • Jonathan Holslag Professor of International Politics, Free University Brussels

    Jun 29 , 2016

    The relationship between China and the United Kingdom was close, especially in economic terms, though as Jonathan Holslag argues, China may need to find a new preferred partner. Europe is at a juncture: it remains to be seen whether frustration about alleged unfair competition from China will lead to a much more protectionist trade policy, whether the European Commission grants China Market Economy Status, and whether a fragmented European position on trade could strengthen China’s own geopolitical position.

  • He Yafei former Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Jun 27 , 2016

    China’s stock market and RMB exchange rate both took a hit, but these were obvious reactions to Britain’s surprise vote to leave the EU. This brand of populism will get a boost from the success of the Brexit “Leave” campaign, but the long-term global effects will take years to become clear.

  • Wall Street Journal

    Jun 27 , 2016

    Premier Li Keqiang called on investors to view China with a “calm and cool head” at a time of global uncertainty, voicing confidence that Beijing can handle the slew of problems facing its economy.

  • Bloomberg

    Jun 27 , 2016

    China has ample fiscal space to cope with any market turbulence triggered by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union but should limit intervention to alter the yuan’s value, said the head of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

  • Zhang Bei Assistant Research Fellow, China Institute of International Studies

    Jun 26 , 2016

    The EU has long served as a magnifier of the UK’s role in the world. It is hard to imagine how the UK would punch above its weight in today’s world, even for a nation that boasts of past world hegemon status, unrivalled experience in global engagement and continuing hard power.

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