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After North Korean missile launch, Trump looks to strengthen 'peaceful pressure' campaign

Nov 30 , 2017

One day after North Korea launched its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile to date, the Trump administration is doubling down on its support for its “peaceful pressure” campaign and is looking at new ways to strengthen that posture.

There are the new sanctions that President Donald Trump tweeted would be coming today – although there has not been any indication there will be an announcement. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also indicated the U.S. was considering targeting financial institutions doing business with Pyongyang telling reporters the administration had “a long list of additional potential sanctions… The Treasury Department will be announcing those when they're ready to roll those out.”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping during their conversation following the launch to cut off oil supplies to North Korea. Earlier in the day, the White House confirmed in a statement that during the call the president "emphasized the need for China to use all available levers to convince North Korea to end its provocations and return to the path of denuclearization."


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