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Is Asia Ready for Another Wild Ride?

Oct 17 , 2014

From Ebola to debt to deflation, fear once again stalks the global economy.

With bewildering speed, concerns about credit defaults, slowing demand and political instability have eclipsed exuberance over America’s falling jobless rate and Alibaba’s record-breaking IPO. The most-asked question isn’t where to make profits, but where to find a safe haven from the coming storm. Could it be Asia again? Sadly, unlike during the most recent global recession, even this region finds itself in an increasingly dangerous position this time around.

That’s not to say Asia doesn’t have enviable fundamentals. Even given China’s worsening data, the stalling of “Abenomics” in Japan and structural headwinds that challenge officials almost everywhere, Asia may yet ride out renewed turbulence better than the West — just as it did in 2008. If one thinks of investment destinations as beauty contestants, Asia is still hands-down the least ugly candidate.

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