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Trump’s ‘War Game’ Stoppage Creates Confusion

Jun 13 , 2018

The White House said Tuesday that the U.S. military would continue to train with its South Korean counterparts and conduct military drills—but not large-scale, joint exercises—in a clarification of an offer by President Donald Trump to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un.

The clarification, coming while Mr. Trump was still flying back from his summit with Mr. Kim in Singapore, was issued by a White House official after Vice President Mike Pence spent much of the day meeting with lawmakers who sought to understand what the president had promised.

Mr. Trump said at a Tuesday news conference in Singapore that for the duration of talks, he was stopping U.S. “war games,” which he said were “tremendously expensive” and provocative to North Korea. The offer wasn’t part of the joint statement between Messrs. Trump and Kim, and was criticized by some lawmakers for giving away too much. North Korean media early Wednesday played up Mr. Trump’s cancellation of the maneuvers.

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