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Obama Warns China About Using Secret Agents to Track Down Fugitives in U.S.

Aug 18 , 2015

The Obama administration has warned China about the use of undercover operatives in the United States who are assigned to pressure Chinese fugitives to return home and in some cases to recover assets gained through alleged corruption, U.S. officials said.

The warning was delivered in the past several weeks through diplomatic channels. As described by officials, it was a matter of informing China that the United States is aware of the operation, which Chinese media accounts have alluded to, and voicing the administration’s concerns rather than threatening any specific retaliatory action.

The warning was issued in the past several weeks through diplomatic channels, officials said, confirming an account that appeared Sunday evening on the New York Times Web site.

The administration has reminded the Chinese government, with which the United States has no extradition treaty, that any attempt to repatriate alleged fugitives should be conducted through proper U.S. legal channels.

China’s foreign ministry has not yet responded to a faxed request for comment on the issue. 

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