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China Warns G7 Against Talks That Might Worsen Tensions in South China Sea

May 26 , 2016

China has warned the Group of Seven (G7) countries against engaging in talks that might worsen tensions in the South China Sea, as leaders of the seven economic powers meet in Japan.

The seven heads of state from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States are set to discuss a wide range of topics during the two-day summit that started on Thursday – including China’s claims over the disputed South China Sea.

Members of the G7 must uphold an “impartial and fair position instead of applying double standards or ... the mindset of alliances”, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday. “We don’t want to see any discussions or actions that might exacerbate tensions in the region.” G7 members could decide their own topics of discussion, but they should not do anything that might negatively affect regional tensions, he added.


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