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China to Remain Confident, Open Despite Misjudgment from the U.S.: Ambassador

Feb 06 , 2018

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said here recently that despite misjudgment from some in the United States, China will remain confident in its path of development and those hoping otherwise should face the reality.

"Recently, there have occurred some developments in China-U.S. relations that are a matter of concern, which reflects deficiency of someone in the United States in their understanding of China, and also their misjudgment of strategies adopted by China. For example, someone feel depressed because of China's adherence to its own path of development," Cui told a gathering at the Chinese Embassy to mark the Lunar Chinese New Year's Day, which falls on Feb. 16.

The path of development China has chosen is based on the national realities of the country, guided by its own theories, guaranteed by its own system and established on its own culture, Cui said, "Therefore, our path of development could not and should not change." 


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