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China’s Premier, Li Keqiang, Praises Free Trade, in Contrast to Trump

Jun 27 , 2017

Premier Li Keqiang of China reaffirmed on Tuesday his country’s desire to be seen as the world’s new leader in globalization and free trade, but he offered no specifics on how China might lower its own trade barriers, which are among the steepest of any large country.

Speaking at the opening of a World Economic Forum conference in northeastern China, Mr. Li portrayed his country as deeply committed to a continued opening up to international competition. Without naming the United States or the Trump administration, he also said that it was wrong to blame free trade for economic or social problems.

“When we sprain an ankle when walking on the road, we should not blame the road and stop walking,” Mr. Li said, later adding that “in international economic relations, one should not impose unilateral rules.”



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