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Hong Kong Officials to Students: There’s Always 2022

Oct 22 , 2014

Three weeks after the protests in Hong Kong began in earnest, student protest leaders and government officials held a long-awaited dialogue. The Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of the main groups organizing the protests, was represented by Alex Chow, Nathan Law, Yvonne Leung, Eason Chung, and Lester Shum. Carrie Lam (Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary), Rimsky Yuen (Secretary for Justice) , Raymond Tam (Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs), Edward Yau (Director of the Chief Executive’s Office) and Lau Kong-wah (Undersecretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs) represented the Hong Kong government (although neither Yau nor Lau spoke at the meeting, much to the amusement of Hong Kong netizens). The entire two-hour discussion was broadcast live to protest sites around the city.

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