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  • Apr 17 , 2015

    Chinese authorities last month arrested five Chinese women who were planning a campaign against sexual harassment on public transportation. Amid an internationa

  • Apr 15 , 2015

    Last month, in his annual report to China’s legislature, Premier Li Keqiang set the target for 2015 growth at just 7%—the slowest rate in 25 years. But Mr. Li

  • Mar 21 , 2015

    The Obama Administration has advertised that by using “smart power” it would enhance U.S. influence around the world. So it’s worth noting an episode in whic

  • Mar 12 , 2015

    Citizens of modern democracies often take for granted the muckraking journalism that goes along with a free press. Yet for most Chinese such reporting is new an

  • Mar 10 , 2015

    On Thursday, the National People’s Congress convened in Beijing in what has become a familiar annual ritual. Some 3,000 “elected” delegates from all over the

  • Mar 04 , 2015

    Dramatic new satellite imagery demonstrating China’s efforts to reclaim land and construct facilities in the South China Sea has prompted concern among policy

  • Feb 27 , 2015

    U.S. stock-market regulators say they promote transparency and fair play, but this month the Securities and Exchange Commission quietly carved out a China-size

  • Feb 25 , 2015

    American protectionists have long insisted that a fundamentally undervalued yuan is to blame for the large U.S. bilateral trade deficit with China. They call on

  • Feb 12 , 2015

    Doomsayers are predicting an unpleasant end to China’s three decades of breakneck economic growth, and the most recent survey of American companies would seem

  • Feb 06 , 2015

    Through the end of 2014, listed Chinese property developer Kaisa Holdings was reporting excellent sales numbers, strong cash reserves and high profitability. No

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