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July 12, 2024
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Global leaders and government officials convened in Washington for NATO's 75th anniversary summit this week to celebrate the alliance while confronting deep uncertainty about its future, as well as ongoing world crises including the Russia-Ukraine war.

At the gathering, NATO leaders identified China as a "systemic challenge to Euro-Atlantic security," emphasizing Beijing's alignment with Moscow and its growing nuclear and cybersecurity threats. This marks a significant shift from previous years, where NATO messaging was more hopeful China would play what it viewed as a constructive role in ending the Ukraine conflict.

China's support for Russia, particularly surrounding allegations of supplying equipment critical for the continuation of the Ukraine war, has drawn sharp criticism from NATO. The alliance's communique urges China to cease all material and political support to Russia, calling it the country a "decisive enabler" of the conflict. They also warned that China's actions will negatively impact its interests and reputation, hinting at potential economic sanctions.

In response, China warned NATO against "provoking confrontation," and strongly rejected NATO claims, saying that the communiqué was filled with repetitive rhetoric, disregards facts, and deliberately distorts China's stance and policies.

As both NATO and China continue to adapt to perceived growing security challenges, NATO views integrating Ukraine into the alliance and supporting Kyiv as critical steps in countering both Russian and Chinese ambitions, as well as deepening cooperation on cyber defense, countering disinformation, and artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, China's top CPC officials will gather next week for its Third Plenum, where major economic strategies will be unveiled. It's anticipated that structural reforms will be announced in efforts to stabilize growth, increase job opportunities, and restructure the economy, as the country seeks to recover and rebuild confidence in its business environment.

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"At present, Russia and North Korea are moving closer, primarily at the political level, signaling that regional security must be based on an architecture of equal security. To achieve enduring peace on the Korean Peninsula, it is imperative that communication resumes under the multilateral framework of the Six-Party Talks."
Zhang Yun
Associate Professor at National Niigata University in Japan, Nonresident Senior Fellow at University of Hong Kong

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