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Focus Podcast by James Chau
  • Jul 11 , 2018

    This episode looks at some of the defining stories of the past seven days. leading-off, China's Premier Li Keqiang meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel, presenting a united front for globalisation. But how far are their respective trade disputes with the U.S. pushing them closer together? ...

  • Jul 03 , 2018

    It hasn't happened since 2014, so when General James Mattis became the first U.S. Secretary of Defense to visit China in four years, it was set to be a news event in itself. President Xi Jinping said Beijing won't cede an inch of territory - a well-known 'red line', and a reference to the ongoing South China Sea dispute. But there was a nuanced response to Mattis, a military figure who on this trip demonstrated deft diplomatic skills. Further reading: link to Wu Zurong's opinion piece here.

  • Jun 27 , 2018

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross came under a new spotlight this week, as domestic opposition to a trade war with China emerged. Orrin Hatch, the longest-serving Republican senator in history, led calls for American businesses and people to be protected after President Donald Trump applied new tariffs on Chinese goods.

  • Jun 20 , 2018

    They’ve met, maybe not conquered, but Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have laid the ground for a further possible meeting at the White House. Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo thanks China for facilitating the Singapore Summit in a signal that the Beijing is critical for the end goal of denuclearization.

  • Jun 13 , 2018

    It was a week of opportunities for global leaders. As China, Russia and India gathered quietly together, the world's seven largest advanced economies met and, some would say, fell out. Donald Trump demanded fair market access from America's allies, while calling for Moscow to be allowed back in. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping awarded Vladimir Putin China's first Friendship Medal. How important was this week for China and the U.S.?

  • Jun 06 , 2018

    Taiwan accuses Beijing of “dollar diplomacy” after losing the Dominican Republic and now Burkina Faso in the same month. In Africa only Swaziland, now known as eSwatini, recognizes it. We listen to the political leaders, but more importantly the people impacted by this decision.

  • May 28 , 2018

    After North Korea’s destruction of its nuclear test tunnels, U.S. President Donald Trump called off his summit with Kim Jong-un – before changing his mind again. It’s captivating political watchers and mainstream audiences alike. So, what will it require to achieve denuclearization, and where does China fit in?


These podcasts are brought to you by China-US Focus. Produced by James Chau, a seasoned TV news anchor based in Hong Kong, the podcasts offer context and perspectives on the most compelling issues in the US-China relationship.

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