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Chinese Ambassador to US Calls for Diplomacy in Wake of THAAD Deployment

Apr 27 , 2017

The US deployment of anti-missile defense system THAAD in South Korea won't ease tensions or thwart dangers on the peninsula. Instead, it will undermine mutual trust among all parties, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said on Wednesday.

"I still believe it will serve our common interest if a diplomatic solution, a peaceful means to the problems could be found," Cui said in an interview with CNN Christiane Amanpour. "We strongly advocate all parties concerned will refrain from doing things that might escalate the situation even further."

The interview occurred after about 20 trucks and trailers carried the elements of THAAD, including radar and mobile launchers, to a golf course at Soseong-ri village in Seongju county, South Gyeongsang province. Meanwhile, a standoff hangs over the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.


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