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Japan, South Korea Scramble Fighter Jets After Eight Chinese Warplanes Fly Over Korean Strait

Jan 10 , 2017

Eight Chinese warplanes were spotted flying over the Korean Strait close to Japanese islands on Monday, prompting Japanese and South Korean air forces to scramble their fighter jets.

The People’s Liberation Army aircraft, including six H-6 strategic bombers, one Shaanxi Y-8 early-warning plane and a Shaanxi Y-9 intelligence-gathering aircraft, flew over the Tsushima Strait, in the eastern channel of the Korean Strait, towards the Sea of ​Japan, turned around to the north of Oki Island, in Shimane prefecture, and then flew back over the East China Sea, NHK TV channel reported, citing Japan’s Ministry of Defence.

Although Japanese fighter jets were scrambled, the Chinese aircraft did not violate Japanese airspace, the Japanese ministry added.


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