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White House Touts 'Undefeated' Record in Trade Disputes After Win vs. China

Apr 15 , 2016

The White House touted its undefeated record on unfair trade practices Thursday, after China agreed to eliminate subsidies that the United States claimed gave its industries an unfair advantage.

The United States had protested the Chinese program, called the “Common Service Platform," at the World Trade Organization last year. The program provided state subsidies to Chinese industries including apparel, steel, chemicals, medical products, building materials and agriculture.

"This unfair subsidy program was designed to prop up industries in China that are in direct competition with American workers and American businesses," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday. "So the victory that the United States secured will help level the playing field for everyone — for medical device makers in California to textile workers in North Carolina to those in the shrimp industry along the Gulf Coast."


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