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'We will be asked to pick a side' if US-China tensions rise, says Asian leader

Oct 20 , 2017

Many nations around the world find themselves in a delicate balancing act between U.S. and Chinese interests, but one island nation perhaps typifies that struggle.

Singapore is a hub for global finance and trade, and so its relationships with the world's two largest economies are vital to its survival. Speaking with CNBC on Thursday, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shed light on the balance between the U.S. and China in a changing geopolitical landscape.

"Well, it's never easy to be a small country next to a big neighbor," Lee said.

"If you have one big neighbor only, that's not easy to manage. If you have two big neighbors, well in some ways you have more friends, but in other ways you have to make more difficult choices," Lee added.



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